Editor's Letter

Hometown. It’s so much more than the city in which you live. It’s what you think of when you remember growing up, making memories, and revisiting as an adult. That’s Murfreesboro to many of you. It’s amazing to think back to just 20 years ago at how different this hometown looked and felt, yet also so many things are the same. When one takes the time to reflect on the history, it becomes apparent how important the locally owned businesses are to our community and its success. Local businesses are more likely to give back and support initiatives to improve the community in ways that make it more attractive and comfortable in which to live.

We love to celebrate Murfreesboro in each of our issues, but in this particular issue, we are devoting the entire issue to sharing those who have committed their time and energies to making Murfreesboro thrive! Inside, you will find a full section of profiles highlighting many local businesses and the brains behind them. When you visit a LOCAL business, you keep more money in your local economy, you celebrate the uniqueness of your community, you support local jobs, you encourage community, you conserve your tax dollars, you invest in entrepreneurship, and you make this community a destination.

This feature will be your “all in one” resource for finding ways to do just that! Something that sets Murfreesboro apart is your dedication to supporting every need that anyone could have through gifts of time, talent and treasure. Again, we will take you on a virtual trip through last month’s extensive amount of community events. Look for everything from a triathlon to a dinner full of celebrity waiters!

I am elated with every piece of this issue, and I am so thankful for you. The nature of our magazine is to highlight our community and the people that make it amazing. It takes each of you not only contributing to the organization or event and its activities, but also making us aware of the endless opportunities for us to capture! Please continue to send us your ideas and suggestions. Happy May!

Carrie Beth Catron

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