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VIProfile: The Hatcher's

By Sadie Fowler

Aesthetic + Wellness is just what is sounds like — it’s a medical practice devoted to helping people look and feel their best. Amy and Cary Hatcher are committed to offering clients a truly customized and exceptional experience all while making them feel right at home. 

Whether you are a first time Botox client, a weight loss or hormone client or getting full facial rejuvenation, the team at Aesthetic + Wellness will work with each individual to get the very best outcome specific to their need. 

“I always tell clients, I didn’t find aesthetics, aesthetics found me,” she said. “I grew up a tomboy and am about as down to earth as they come. About 14 years ago, a physician approached me with an opportunity to join him in opening a medspa. The rest is history.”  Mentored by Dr. Michael Helton, it turns out that aesthetics was the perfect journey for Amy. Not only has she loved meeting and developing relationships with clients, but she also developed and refined her skills and is now a well-established and respected person in her line of work. 

“I am fiercely passionate about the power of confidence and my ability to help clients find more confidence within themselves is what drives me,” she said.  

On that note, it was a natural choice for Amy and her husband Cary to step it up a notch when  hey decided to join forces professionally and open Aesthetics + Wellness. After Amy’s 12 years in aesthetics, Cary’s 16 years in general medicine and urgent care, and their 20 years of marriage, it was definitely the right fit.  

“Combining our passions was such a natural choice, albeit a bit of a leap of faith,” she said. “We’ve been helping clients look their best for years, and it’s been absolutely amazing to be able to reach deeper and help them feel their best as well.”  

In addition to their general lifestyle of preventative health and illness prevention through diet and lifestyle, and Cary’s experience as an Advanced Practice Nurse, they had many clients over the years share their experience and frustrations with general medicine as well as their successes with hormone therapy and wellness — which is what led to the opening of Aesthetic + Wellness.  

“This practice is really the result of us coming to an age and place in our lives such that we are able to fully be true to ourselves and our passions,” Amy said. “To be able to share that with others is the icing on the cake.” 

In terms of who Aesthetic + Wellness serves, their clients vary quite a bit. Whether you’re a business man, a busy working mom, a stay-at-home mom, or something in between, the Hatchers love that they are truly a place for everyone. 

“No one is excluded at our practice,” Amy said. “We want you to feel that when you walk in our doors. Whether you are coming for a quick lunchtime Botox procedure or an in-depth gut health and hormone analysis, we try to get clients in quickly, make them feel comfortable, listen to their needs, and work hand-in-hand to procure just the right combination of treatments to reach their goals.” 

Amy finds aesthetics to be fun as well as rewarding. 

“The difference I can make in someone’s confidence never falls short on me,” she said. “I love that I did general practice for years and I think that has helped me find success in aesthetics. I love people, I love helping people, and I love making aesthetics obtainable for every single person.”

The Hatchers invest lots and lots of time and money in advanced education and their efforts have been recognized, which has been very rewarding for Amy. She is now a national trainer for Botox and Dermal Fillers with Allergan and even serves on its advisory board. 

Whether you’re 20 or 85, a factory worker or a CEO, Aesthetic + Wellness serves a broad spectrum of clients and that is something of which Amy is proud. 

“There is a misconception that (aesthetic) services are only for ‘those people’ and that it is superficial or vain,” said Amy, speaking about common misconceptions of their business. “I am on a one-woman mission to lay those misconceptions to rest.” 

Speaking to the wellness portion of this practice, Cary explains that after 16 years of treating symptoms and prescribing medications, he wanted to be true to what he knows is the best path to health — prevention and wellness; diet and lifestyle.  

“We have been programmed to take a pill for everything and have lost a sense of responsibility to our own bodies, our own health,” Cary said. “The good news is that there is a rising trend of awareness. Traditional medicine often misses the root cause of illness and simply treats the symptom.” 

Cary says their goal is to prevent illness; to keep the body in a healthy state so that illness doesn’t occur in the first place. 

“If we scratch this idea of the diagnosis/the end product and become committed to getting the body functioning as well as possible, wellness falls into place,” he said. 

Some of the services clients will find at Aesthetic + Wellness include HCG weight loss and diet counseling, hormone balance for men and women, adrenal and thyroid function testing and treatment, gut health, and acne collaboration with skin pH and adrenal function. 

 “Of course, my favorite services are Botox and dermal filler,” Amy said. “These are still our number one most popular services. We are the number one individual Botox practice in our area. We are proud of that.” 

Looking back over their careers, Amy and Cary agree that one of the biggest lessons they’ve learned over the years, which drives them each day, is that a person’s confidence is hugely important in their well-being. 

“Confidence is everything,” Amy said. “You can’t be your best if you don’t take care of you. We are here to help clients look and feel their very best and believe wholeheartedly that that makes us better parents, spouses, friends, employees, employers etc. Clients can feel the difference. They know we see them as family and want to help them achieve the best version of themselves.”

While both Cary and Amy are passionate about their careers, they each have their own independent views about what inspires them. 

Amy says she is driven each day by a desire to work hard, be fair and give it her all. Laid back in nature, she tries not to sweat the small stuff. “I can be really driven but am learning the importance of balance and self-care,” she said, describing her personal life. “It’s important for me as a mom to build grit and determination and balance that with my softer side. At the end of the day, we get quiet, we read books and we sing lullabies. That might be the best of me.”

In describing his priorities, Cary says aims to stay focused on the right thing, which including helping others reach their health goals as well as being the best parent he can be. He believes his most important job as a parent is to teach their children to work hard, go after what they want and above all, to be kind.

Always focused on striving ahead, Cary continues to work through his Functional Medicine Fellowship with the goal of offering more comprehensive Functional Medicine to this community.  

Outside of work, Amy and Cary place an importance on making sure they incorporate time in their schedules for both their own “me time” as well as time together as a couple — and time together as a family.

“We’ve been building in some time to exercise and have a weekly date night,” Amy said. “We work hard and are continually assessing for balance and making adjustments where we need to. The biggest challenge is balancing a really busy clinical schedule with giving the business the attention it needs.” 

On the home front, Sundays are sacred to the Hatcher family. They enjoy hiking in the mornings, brunch at any given local restaurant, and spend the rest of the day preparing for the week ahead. 

Serving Murfreesboro has been a delight for the Hatchers and they are hoping to move into a new space within the next couple of years.

“Murfreesboro is where I started so many years ago and we have grown such an amazing group of clients here,” she said. “We are truly committed to being and bringing the absolute best to Murfreesboro.” 

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