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Kirk Catron Law

At the core of his being, Kirk Catron is dedicated to keeping Murfreesboro an amazing place to live and work — and he plays his part through service, whether it be via volunteering for an organization in which he believes or working on behalf of his clients. Catron, a graduate of the Appalachian School of Law, is a family man who tries to treat each of his own clients as if they were a part of his own family. This shows through his compassion and loyal service to each person he encounters.

“I know that no one is exempt from the law, so when people find themselves on the ‘wrong side of the law,’ I want them to feel comfortable in knowing that I am giving my best for them,” he said. “By far, the most gratifying part of my job is meeting and serving the citizens of Rutherford County. The relationships made far exceed anything else about being a lawyer.”

Looking back to his childhood, Catron remembers seeing attorneys like Steve Waldron and Guy Dotson, Sr. — and they left a strong and positive impression on him that stayed with him.

“The way they carried themselves, not only as lawyers but as men, left an impression on me that this career could provide me with an outlet to help people and also afford me the freedom to be a great father,” he said. “At the end of the day, what drives me each day is to do my job at a high level in order to leave this Earth a better place than I found it.”

Catron says the best and most satisfying part of his job is taking a case from start to finish and receiving a positive outcome for his clients. There is a common misconception that lawyers don’t truly care, but he says that is far from the truth.

“Especially here in Murfreesboro, we are blessed to have not only great lawyers, but lawyers who are also great people,” he said. “Another common misconception I think is that lawyers don’t work a lot. Most lawyers, including me, work far more than 40 hours a week.”

Considering the level of work and dedication involved, Catron also tries to enjoy what he does each day and works toward creating an office environment that is laidback and inviting. He and his team try to enjoy each day, each other’s company, and make work a place that’s full of laughter.

“We hope to lighten the air from the ‘heavy’ cases we are working,” he said. “My practice is centered around divorce, custody and criminal law, but my team will handle anything a client brings our way.”

As he reflects on his career, Catron says the best piece of advice he could offer to someone just starting out is to not be afraid to ask for help when it comes to learning how to run a business. He says practicing law is far more than knowing it.

“You have to know how to run a business,” he said. Catron is happy to give that advice, as he too had great mentors along the way, none more so than Bert McCarter and the Dotson family — Guy Sr. and Guy Jr. McCarter taught him how to grow as a businessman and lawyer and the Dotsons showed him how to practice with compassion for others.

Family life is another aspect of Catron’s life that ranks at the top. Married to Carrie Beth Catron, the couple has two daughters, Charleigh Ann and Carrigan. Spending time with them is his favorite way to unwind.

“Seeing my girls enjoy life is the most important thing in the world to me,” he said.

Finding balance is easy, he says, but not always accomplished. He tries to leave work at work so it does not interfere with his valuable time at home.

At the end of the day, Catron loves Murfreesboro and couldn’t thing of a better place to live, work and raise a family. He’s excited about the growth, including how it relates to his business.

“The judicial building has brought a sense of legitimacy to lawyers in Murfreesboro,” he said. “I have practiced all over the state and we now have the nicest facility I have seen in Tennessee … We should all cherish this city. It is full of amazing people with amazing stories. Take time to learn about your neighbors and just try to be a better person. Lots of conflict could be avoided if we just took a chance to learn about people.”

Aside from work and family, Catron is involved with various volunteer and service roles in the community, including DreamCatchers, United Way, the Blue Raider Athletic Association and the Rutherford County Bar Association.

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