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Juicin' Up

By Sadie Fowler

It was about five or six years ago that his son got him hooked on juicing, and Laws Bouldin hasn’t been the same since. Now, he loves juice … and lucky for him, I Love Juice Bar is right around the corner. “Within a week of starting to juice, I was feeling better,” Bouldin said.

Bouldin says he’s lived a healthy lifestyle for many years, working out and eating relatively healthy on a regular basis, but juicing was the only thing that truly and remarkably made him feel better. Without even trying too hard, his body shed the few extra pounds it was holding on to, his immune system improved, his skin looked better — and most of all, his energy skyrocketed.

Bouldin says he’ll never forget going into the doctor’s office for routine blood work not too long after he’d started juicing. He, nor the doctor, couldn’t believe how much his health had improved from simply juicing. I Love Juice Bar in Murfreesboro is located at 804 N. Thompson Lane and is owned by Anthony Anderson.

Its hours are Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. until 6 p.m. and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. At about 6:59 a.m. each morning, Bouldin is one of the bar’s regulars lined up and ready for his morning shot.

Rest assured, it’s got all the good stuff in it — turmeric, ginger, lemon and pepper. Though he started drinking the power shots for their health benefits as opposed to a “treat” that simply tastes good, Bouldin says the flavors quickly grew on him and now he looks forward to the power shot each day.

“I got used to them quickly and now they actually really taste great, not to mention how great they make me feel,” he said. “My wife and I come in here all the time. I go more for the green stuff, the juices, and the shots.

She likes more of the sweeter things, so she usually gets the smoothies.” There’s one smoothie she loves, Bouldin says, that mimics a peanut butter and jelly sandwich to a tee; it’s called, naturally, “The PB&J.”

The best thing about everything on the extensive I Love Juice Bar menu is that there are no fillers; everything is naturally good for you.

Whether it’s the power shot in the morning or a drink or bowl for lunch, Bouldin stops by the shop nearly every day its open. If he’s aiming to really fill up, he simply gets a shot of protein added to whatever juice or smoothie he’s ordering.

To the newcomer, the concept of juicing may sound complicated, which is why the friendly staff at I Love Juice Bar is there to guide customers through the journey. Anderson purposefully hires people who love what they do so that they’ll engage with customers and help them navigate through the ordering process.

It’s not uncommon for newcomers to be greeted and offered a chance to sample the various menu items and get their own “reset profile” set up that’s perfect for them.

Advice to anyone starting out? Sure, Bouldin is happy to help!

“If I were talking to a friend or someone coming here for the first time who simply wants to get healthy I’d say recommend they start with anything green, the stuff with kale and spinach in it, to see the most notable health benefits,” he said. “But any of it is great. Not all juice bars are created equal, and the way they do things here really sets them apart from the competition.”

Bouldin, a commercial real estate broker who specializes in land and subdivision development, has a busy lifestyle, which makes I Love Juice Bar an even better choice for him as he lives life on the go and really doesn’t enjoy making a mess trying to juice at home.

He’s also quick to trump the common misconception that juicing is expensive. Frankly, when you compare the price to what you’d spend on lunch — considering it is often supposed to be a meal replacement — the price is actually quite good. Plus, the long-term benefits it yields a person physical health are more than worth it.

“I promote juicing to everyone because I love it,” Bouldin said. “But truly, this place is the best. I’ve been to cities like San Francisco and Chicago where you’d expect the best, but it’s not the same as here. They were using ice, powders … They don’t do that here.

It’s the real deal here and they always get the mix just right.” And getting ‘the mix’ right is another reason Bouldin prefers buying his drinks at I Love Juice Bar rather than making them at home.

At the end of the day, Bouldin recommends to give I Love Juice Bar a try.

“Starting out, just go with what sounds good,” he said. “Then, migrate toward the green stuff, maybe starting out with a smoothie where you won’t even taste the ‘green stuff.’ Once you’ve done that and are used to it, add a shot. Then maybe start working your way toward the green juices.”

One popular item often recommended to newcomers is “The Doc,” which is a smooth blend of spinach, kale, frozen blueberries (hence no ice is needed) and protein. People love it!

Everything on the menu is all natural and preservative free; and in addition to Juices, Smoothies and Smoothie Bowls, I Love Juice Bar also offers fresh grab and go items in the way of salads, noodles or veggie wraps, or Morning items that will be sure to get your day off to a powerful start, such as “overnight oats.”

Anderson, the Franchisee in Rutherford County, delights in sitting down with customers and helping them find the perfect drink to suit their needs for any given day.

“I try to sit down with them and find out what kind of mood they’re in, if they’re not sure what to order,” Anderson said. “I’ll try to find out their needs. Did they just work out and need something to replenish them?

Are they with their kids and wanting a sweet treat? Is their goal simply to get a quick dose of nutrients in their body? We really try to gauge a customer’s need.”

Next time you’re on the go, set aside your misguided belief that you “don’t like vegetables,” which is the most common misconception Anderson hears, and give I Love Juice Bar a try. You, and your body, will be glad you did!

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