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Elementary and Middle Schoolers Showcase Professional Skills During Countywide Amazing Shake Competition

On February 1 and 2nd will showcase their professional skills during countywide Amazing Shake competition. Sometimes called professional or soft skills, interpersonal skills go by many names to different generations. Still, one thing most agree on is that today's students should have a firm grasp on manners, problem-solving and communication skills.

Students from Rutherford County Schools have practiced these skills for months and will face off in a gauntlet-style competition to test their mastery.

The Amazing Shake, a contest created by Atlanta's Ron Clark Academy, emphasizes a student's mastery of soft skills, including manners, communication, critical thinking and professional conduct.

After winning a school-wide competition, students will compete in a two-day, district-wide challenge that evaluates their interactions with local business professionals. The top two contestants will receive funding from the Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce to attend the national competition in Atlanta.

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