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The Boro 80’s Prom

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Story and Photography by Eric Lusk

So like, the gnarly dudes and dudettes at The Boro Business Lab (BBL) and Wild Goose Chase Events (WGC), like, totally did it again. Together, they presented the bodacious Boro 80’s Prom at The Walnut House. Nights around town were like totally bogus. All the homeboys, wastoids and tubular chicks were all like, “where’s the beef?” So BBL and WGC were all like, “that’s grody to the max… we’ve got to do something.” And, thus, the Boro 80’s Prom was born.

The ladies teased, crimped and scrunchied their hair and flaunted their lace and poofy sleeves, while the dudes squeezed into their parachute pants and skinny-ties for this rad night of nostalgia. Complete with a cheesy prom photo area, food, drinks and dancing, this party had it all. Best of all, all profits were donated to Isaiah 117 House, a local nonprofit working to provide a comforting home where foster children can be brought to wait – a place that is safe with friendly and loving volunteers who provide clean clothes, smiles, toys and snuggly blankets.

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