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10th Annual Run For Him

Story and photography by Eric Lusk

Bruce Gilley was a young man full of love and faith with wisdom beyond his age. He had an immense passion for his God, his church, his friends, his family, rock music, running, writing and playing guitar. He did all things in life with a sense of humor and enduring compassion. When he was just 14, an undetected heart deformity would cause Bruce to have a fatal heart attack after cross-country practice. More than 4,000 people would attend his memorial services.

A few years later, the Bruce Gilley Memorial Foundation was established to help celebrate the life of Bruce Gilley and his love for missions. The Foundation is committed to supporting and sending young people to Christian camps and on missions around the world.

The 10th Annual Run For Him 5K & 10K was a wonderful day of fellowship and fun to remember a young man who made his life count! Proceeds from the race benefit the foundation.

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