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Editor's Letter

As we slide into the month of November, the comfort of traditions is not far behind. Traditions. in your family may be completely different than another family’s, but they have the same impact, no matter what they look like. They are important because when everything else is in chaos, traditions are something you can count on, keeping us grounded to our past and connected to our families and communities. I hope that each of you can benefit from this peace in the coming months, as I know most of us haven’t had that in what seems like forever!
There was no shortage of community events in October. We were overwhelmed with the number of requests for coverage, and we are always disappointed when we have to decline because our calendar is full. Yet, it also gives us much joy to know that so many good things are happening right here in Murfreesboro. Look inside to see just what I mean: from golf tournaments to building homes, there is so much to be celebrated as a result of your community efforts.

This issue also has a special feature full of resources to help in and around your home. You’ll meet local home builders, service providers and even designers to help in whatever arena you want to build or renovate! You will also find our annual Holiday Gift Guide, full of gift ideas big and small for the upcoming holiday season. Each item can be found locally, so your shopping of them will be convenient, too!

If you want to make sure we cover your upcoming event, please request event coverage on our website at Thank you for being a loyal reader and allowing us to provide Murfreesboro’s must-have resource for all the good news our great town has to offer!

-Carrie Beth Catron

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