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Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery presented by Springhouse Theatre


To round out the season, Springhouse Theatre Company takes you across the pond to the mist-shrouded moors of England, where the male heirs of the Baskerville line are being dispatched one by one. The game is afoot and Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are on the case! Our intrepid investigators must decipher a dizzying web of clues, disguises, deceit and silly accents before they can save the day. Does a wild hellhound prowl the moors of Devonshire? Can our heroes discover the truth in time? Five actors deftly portray more than forty characters in a show Broadway world calls “…ingeniously funny.” Join the fun and see how far from elementary the truth can be.


Springhouse Theatre is located on the campus of Springhouse Worship & Arts Center at 14119 Old Nashville Highway, Smyrna, TN. Tickets are available at For more information contact Springhouse Theatre Company at (615) 852-8499, or visit us online at