One Year of Brass Horn Celebration

Story and photography by Eric Lusk

‘Round this time last year, when Jeremy Florida opened up his coffee shop and roastery things got off to a great start. The place quickly became a downtown-area hot spot, providing a cool vibe for patrons to relax and enjoy their cup of joe. Like everyone else, COVID kinda came in to knock us off course. But the little shop survived and has slowly inched back to its regular bustling business.

On this day, the shop was celebrating their one-year anniversary with a family and pet friendly gathering with free coffee, local vendors and more. Rocket Shirts was on hand, live-printing limited edition renewable material Brass Horn shirts, with a portion of the proceeds going back to charity. If you haven’t been there, make your way to Lytle Street to try these guys out… you’ll be glad you did. Find out more at

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