October Crawl & Unveiling of HeArt Project

Story and photography by Joyce Taylor

On a perfect fall evening, with temperatures in the 60s, The Boro Art Crawl joined forces with HeArt of Tennessee/Murfreesboro Loves community to present art around the square and nearby areas. Artists displayed twenty-four large aluminum hearts around the courthouse square. The occasion was celebrated by music, local poets and performers from Center for the Arts. Many businesses stayed open to display work of local artists, serving wine, appetizers, hot chocolate and all sort of goodies to those attending.

It’s a joy to see people strolling around the square, some with their dogs, enjoying one of the great free events Murfreesboro has to offer. If you’ve never been to this free event, mark your calendars for December 14. For more information, visit www.boroartcrawl.com.

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