Frontline Fashion in the Boro

By Lee Rennick | Photography by Angel Pardue and Lee Rennick

Fall 2020 is like no other we have known in a century. It is sometimes hard to think of the change of seasons as we continue to battle a pandemic, but life does go on. And businesses, especially local retail businesses, need our support. Just as the frontline workers do, who have been there since this all started – and keep going.

This year our models are some of those frontline workers from St. Thomas Rutherford Hospital, Murfreesboro Medical Center, Rutherford County Sheriff ’s Department, and Murfreesboro Police Department. And most of our fashions are from small locally owned boutiques.

“We’re tired,” said Angie Jackson, an emergency room charge nurse at St. Th omas Rutherford Hospital, “but the community has been wonderful, and really kept us going.” Added Detective Patty Deser, Rutherford County Sheriff ’s Department, “And, the community continues to show its support, which means so much to all of us.”

We thank all of these hard-working men and women who are giving so much to Murfreesboro and Rutherford County. For a few hours, we asked some of them to step away from their stressful jobs and come have a little fun with us showing off new fall styles, and posing for the camera on the streets of downtown, at local businesses on the square, and around the courthouse.

“It was fun,” said Detective Andrea Knox, Rutherford County Sheriff ’s Department. “We don’t get to do things like this very oft en.”

As the lights of the camera flickers and fades on this season’s photo shoot, and the last piece of clothing is returned to the rack, we applaud you all for what you do every day to keep us moving forward!

Front and Forward Trends: Leopard Prints and 1980's Colors

Fashion is getting a bit wild this year with a profusion of leopard, python, and other natural prints. Leopard print can be found on everything from tennis shoes to chiffon jump suits, in soft shades like browns, tans, and black or vibrant florescent colors like magenta and purple. Invest in one piece this Fall to let out your inner animal.

Color is equally important this year. With touches of 1980s styling, like double breasted blazers, coming back into vogue, so are some of the colors that were fly –- read super cool -- during that time. These colors include ochre, mustard, marigold, khaki, olive, chartreuse, and rust. All of them can be found in nature as the dance of falling leaves begins.

Front and Forward Trends: Americana, Bright Red and Victorian Touches 

Get out your red, white, and blue – well cerulean and indigo – because all things stars, stripes, and denim are once again a must for every wardrobe. Think of all those sartorial looks that Ralph Lauren made so popular, but are so timeless. They are back. Red in the red, white and blue is the must have this fall.

It is bright, alive, and says “here I am” when you DO get an opportunity to go outside.

Another classic coming back is Victoriana. Yes, those lacy high collars and leg-of-mutton sleeves found their way to Fall runways, but with a dash of Boho or a flash of glitter rocker.

Front and Forward Trends: Collegiate and Comfortable

You might as well be comfortable this Fall, as nestling in for the winter with family in a good old- fashioned way is pretty much a sure thing. Nothing quite says comfortable like polo shirts, v-necked sweaters, jeans, and good old college attire.

Of course, there is always room for a touch of drama, with a knock out dress you can lounge in during the holidays.

Front and Forward Trends: Must Have Accessories 

The “hot item” accessory this fall is a designer face mask. They are can be found everywhere, from the standard paper surgical to handmade by a local craftsperson to fancy beaded smiles. And there are of course logo masks. Definitely a “must have”. These are fashion statements, not political ones. Add to your accessorized face mask the right shoe, the right handbag, and a pair of show stopper over-sized, over the top earrings. The bigger or crazier the better on earrings this year.

Coordination: Carrie Beth Catron and Lee Rennick
Location: Downtown Murfreesboro
Models: Alexys Boone, Dr. Elizabeth Bunch, Brittni Cripps, Detective Patty Deser, Kaylee DiNovo, Brendan Fenton, Corporal Kyle Frazier, Officer Tiffany Host, Angie Jackson, Detective Angela Knox, Callie Martin, and Sargent Bryant Mitchell.

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