Editor's Letter

“When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around.” – Willie Nelson

2020 has perhaps presented some of the biggest challenges this generation will face. It has impacted life at all levels—mental and physical health, economy, jobs, travel, big and small businesses, education, basic needs and freedom. Basically, there is perhaps no one individual on this planet who could claim that this pandemic has not affected him or her at all. Every one of us is leading a life that is slightly or majorly different from the one we led prior to the explosion of the virus. So, as the month of Gratitude and Thanksgiving begin, we have a choice to make: to focus on what is unpleasant, scary, unwanted and worrisome or focus on the positives that you have accrued, personally, due to the pandemic and lockdown. Think about the time you’ve been given to spend with your family, possibly a new hobby you’ve discovered. Perspective can make a world of difference.

One pretty consistent change is that everyone is spending more time at home. As a result, home improvement has seemingly jumped from the bottom of our to-do lists to the very top.

This issue will give you lots of resources to accomplish any of those tasks. We have included a feature section of Renovation and Construction Resources to help fi nd trained professionals to make your vision become a reality.

Your support of our community is still unwavering. Flip through the pages of this issue, and you will see that the outlook of our citizens is always positive, and the calendar is always full of ways to give back. The event pages within this issue are also a true testament of that dedication. You know that the needs of people haven’t stopped (and in many cases increased), so you continue to show up and support organizations who fulfill those needs.

Thanks for all of your continued support. Please visit our webpage, www.vipmurfreesboro.com and submit events for our calendar and event coverage. We want to give you what you want to see. Let us know how we can support you.

Carrie Beth Catron

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