Editor's Letter

As we present this issue, things are still changing on a daily, hourly, minute-by-minute basis, in a way that we hope is for the better. Things we thought we knew are no longer, but some things we’ve learned are more valuable than what we’ve lost. In coming months, as things change for the better, we will still face a different future, as people, a culture, a country, a planet. I feel certain that as a community, Murfreesboro will face any obstacle with the community in mind, and as a result grow into an even stronger and better place to live. It is apparent that you, the fabulous people of Murfreesboro, are doing all that you can to support each other, as well as creatively gather. This month’s event coverage varies from networking dinners to fundraisers for growing new and greatly impactful non-profit ventures. Each photo tells the story of how each of you is committed to each other and this great place you call home.

In this month’s stories we highlight the ever-growing Real Estate market, which, despite the unpredictable days we face, is still growing at a phenomenal rate. The more time we have spent in our homes has spurred the decision to make changes, whether through a remodel or even moving into a new home. We are pleased to have a complete resource of local real estate agents who are ready to help you when you are ready to make a change in your home.

Their personal stories tell you so much about who they are and what makes them amazing at their jobs in this crazy market. Thank you, as always, for helping give us so many things to share and celebrate. Without your support, we couldn’t be the premier magazine for Murfreesboro. Please continue to send us your events and advice. Filling the pages with your suggestions is our honor!

Carrie Beth Catron

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