Editor's Letter

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.” – Seneca

How is it that we are preparing to close another DECADE? Time seems to move more quickly with each passing year, but we know that every day, month and year contain the same amount of time as the year before. I researched the reasoning for this, and NBC News states it very well in saying, “The perception of time is relative, but age and memory play major roles.”

Simply stated, the more memorable moments, the slower time passes. “Memory is short-lived and many of us just aren’t that engaged in the everyday things we’re doing, so if you slow down and engage more in the moment, and look back on everything deeply later, you may find time lasting longer.” So, that’s your challenge for ending 2019 and beginning 2020: utilize the opportunities to spend your time in the most valuable way possible, making memories. Slow down and truly enjoy every moment. You may just find that time actually slows down!

Flip through the pages of this issue, and you’ll be sure to notice the dedication of the great city of Murfreesboro to fulfilling the needs of every citizen. From cook-offs to benefit Habitat for Humanity, a Spelling Bee to support local literacy and bowling scrambles to help a local baseball team, the events are many and mission-minded, as are the beneficiaries. It would be hard to find another community with folks as committed to making it the best.

We are also elated to offer a new feature for you, as well!  Look inside for a section dedicated to personal growth, full of ways to better yourself in the upcoming new year. You will find everything from underlying health issues that are uncovered by more visual symptoms to finding more natural ways to treat everyday problems. We hope to provide you with a jump start to 2020 with information from local experts in multiple health arenas.

As a reminder, this issue will be on the stands for both December and January.  We are excited to be working on a jam-packed Bridal issue for you in February. For now, enjoy cozy nights by the fire, sit back, relax, and soak up every minute of family time!  Please let us know if you have ideas or event submissions.  Visit www.vipmurfreesboro.com to contact us, or even to purchase event pictures. 

Carrie Beth Catron
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