Editor's Letter

Welcome to the summer issue of VIP Murfreesboro! As the sun peeks through longer days and the air buzzes with excitement, we're turning the spotlight on everything that makes our community so special – vibrant social gatherings, heart-warming philanthropy and, of course, fun-filled events!

First and foremost, prepare to be dazzled! This issue is brimming with details on the upcoming summer calendar. From lively fundraisers and outdoor concerts to charity galas and golf tournaments, there's something for everyone. Our calendars provide a comprehensive guide to soaking up all the summer fun and connecting with your neighbors.

This issue, our event coverage is full, yet again. There are so many local non-profit organizations that make a difference in our community, and we love to showcase their events and the contributions that they are making. Learn about their incredible work throughout the issue and see how you can contribute to their vital missions.

While we're busy enjoying the summer bliss, it's important to have peace of mind knowing our finances and well-being are protected. This issue features a special section dedicated to local financial and insurance professionals. These experts are your trusted neighbors, ready to guide you on planning for a secure future, whether it's planning a dream vacation or ensuring your loved ones are cared for. You’ll find someone to fulfill your needs in this special section.

Get ready for a summer filled with laughter, generosity and, of course, the comforting knowledge that your future is secure. So, grab your sunscreen, dust off your dancing shoes, and let's celebrate all that makes our community thrive. Be sure to keep us informed of any events for our calendar through our website, too!


Carrie Beth Catron

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