Adrienne Tarola


Passionate about her family, friends, profession and community involvement, Adrienne Tarola is one busy woman who can seemingly do it all. A native of Pennsylvania, Adrienne moved to Murfreesboro several years ago with her husband Dr. Nick Tarola after the couple decided Murfreesboro was indeed the perfect place for both their business and family to bloom.

By day, Adrienne plays double-duty as a mom to four children and also the bookkeeper and marketing director for Tarola Plastic Surgery, where she works alongside her husband. Her love for event planning has also pulled at her strings of inspiration; she is known by many for her involvement in Starry, Starry Night, Rutherford Society Gala, and the Ballroom BRA over the past seven years.

“Your community is your home,” said Adrienne, speaking to the importance of community involvement. “We are proud to be a part of Murfreesboro. Giving back through community involvement only makes our home bigger and better.”

The Tarolas celebrated their 17th wedding anniversary a few months ago and, reflecting on those years, Adrienne is proud of the life they’ve made in Murfreesboro. The Tarola’s four children, Dominick, Vincent, Anthony and Natalia, ranging in ages 15 down to five, keep Adrienne on her feet and are by far her top priority.

“My hobby is that I’m a personal Uber!” laughed Adrienne. “When I am not volunteering my time, I am at the soccer field, football field, hip hop studio or the horse barn, sometimes all in one night. But I wouldn’t change it for the world. One day it will be quiet and I will miss our crazy chaotic life. I am cherishing every moment.”

When she does catch a tiny glimpse of free time, Adrienne is most likely giving her time and attention to one of the organizations of which she’s involved, including the Ballroom BRA, which she co-founded and also serves as its director.

Ballroom BRA is a fundraiser created to benefit a 501c3 nonprofit corporation, Reconstructing  for Life, created by Nick and Adrienne. Reconstructing for Life helps pay for reconstructive surgery expenses for individuals who have suffered an accident, illness, or physically altering event. The Ballroom BRA fundraiser also donates to the Saint Thomas Rutherford Foundation Power of Pink Fund as well as the national BRA Day USA Foundation.

“I started Ballroom BRA when Nick told me about Breast Reconstructing Awareness Day, a national day recognized by the American Society of Plastic Surgery,” she said. “I wanted (to create) an event that was fun and uplifting for people. We needed a platform to really educate our community about breast reconstruction and the different options available to patients.”

The first Ballroom BRA was such a huge success and so much fun that Nick and Adrienne decided to create Reconstructing for Life to make sure the community would benefit from the funds that had been raised. Like many busy, working moms, Adrienne says her greatest challenge each day is saying no and completing all that needs to be done within a 24-hour period.

“My children are my top priority so, often times, other things I enjoy are put on the back burner,” she said. “My family comes first, so they are my balance. We make sure we do as much as possible as a family. Time management is key. It is amazing what you can get done waking up early.”

Adrienne says she feels fortunate to work with her husband and set a schedule for herself that best fits the needs of their family. She is grateful to have this flexibility and to share her professional life with her husband, whom she calls her greatest inspiration.

“He inspires me every day to do what I love and that hard work does pay off,” she said. “He makes me feel like I can achieve whatever I put my mind to and still be a mom of four. We have made a pretty good team over the years and I know we have many more exciting career adventures ahead of us.”

Adrienne also feels blessed to have been influenced by many strong women over the years, including her own mother, a selfless and strong woman who was dedicated to her family, friends and community.

“It’s just in my nature to help people,” she said. “It makes me feel good to know that I can help in some way … I am honored to be nominated (for VIP’s Womanspiration), but I am surrounded by so many women on a daily basis who not only provide me with much of my inspiration, but whom also deserve the same honor.”

In speaking to what guides her to succeed and achieve each day, Adrienne points to a few things that have helped her excel in life. She encourages others to find their passion in order to be their best.

“Do what you love and keep good people around you,” she said. “When you surround yourself with positive people who are committed in their endeavors, it makes you think positive and strive to achieve your goals in life … Also, be passionate about your profession, family and friends. When I am passionate about what I am doing it makes me have inspiration to endless ideas.”

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