Medical Care for Murfreesboro’s Minors

By Becca George

When it comes to your children, keeping them safe and healthy is a top priority. You want professionals who will treat them with the same precision and care that you would.  Middle Tennessee is full of healthcare professionals who have set out to do just that.


Tennessee Pediatrics
Tennessee Pediatrics is a Murfreesboro staple that looks to the long-term care of your family.  It is important to them that the provider be a good fit for each family. They encourage parents to schedule interviews and meet their professionals before a child needs care.  Their practice includes weekday appointments but also provides care in the evenings and on weekends including walk in hours so that each and every parent has access to care for their children.  They also ensure that sick children are able to be seen on the same day as their call.
1370 Gateway Boulevard

Murfreesboro Medical Clinic
The Murfreesboro Medical Clinic Pediatrics team are all certified by the American Board of Pediatrics and treat children from birth to 18 years old through sick and well-child checkups.  They are devoted to providing quality care through nurturing and keeping a child well physically, emotionally and behaviorally.  They offer care during business hours and also offer “on call” coverage in the evening and weekends for sick children through their after-hours triage service.  
1272 Garrison Drive

Saint Thomas Rutherford
Saint Thomas Health is the area leader in childbirth and put attention into the details that provide expectant mothers with support before, during and after their baby’s arrival. They are committed to making the experience as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. They offer childbirth classes, expectant parent tours, brothers and sisters-to-be information and breastfeeding education.  They also house a 16-bed level IIIa Neonatal Intensive Care unit. They have a neonatologist, an obstetrician and an anesthesiologist in-house 24 hours a day.
1700 Medical Center Parkway

Allen Family Chiropractic
Allen Family Chiropractic with Dr. Richard Allen and Dr. Seth Kolka provide chiropractic solutions for the entire family. They offer natural solutions to common health problems to provide a more active role for their patients in maintaining health. They realize that each patient is different and responds in different ways so their treatment is specifically tailored for every individual. The provide adjustments and manipulations, therapeutic exercise, foot orthotics, sports injury and much more. They work to adjust structural misalignments and remove postural imbalances. Chiropractic health helps allow your nervous system to function properly and free of interference from misaligned vertebrae.
229 B Castlewood Drive

Tennessee Orthopaedic Alliance
It can be scary when a child experiences pain or discomfort. Tennessee Orthopaedic Alliance (TOA) provides a wide range of pediatric orthopaedic services from scoliosis to a sprained ankle to cerebral palsy.  They are committed to making sure each child get the care and healing they need as effectively and quickly as possible. Each child receives care from one of their licenses practitioners. They are able to diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions through their comprehensive services such as sprains, fractures, trigger thumb, leg deformities, congenital deformities and much, much more.
1800 Medical Center Parkway #200

Sport Ortho Urgent Care
A sports injury can be a concern and getting the care to treat the injury is important for both children and adults. The Sport Ortho Urgent Care facility can treat injury through walk ins or appointments. They have the ability to do digital x-rays on site and can treat sprains, fractures, splinting, casting and more. Their goal is to provide timely, quality, affordable and urgent healthcare to those who need it.  They have experienced orthopedic staff at each location.  In addition to care, Sport Ortho also promotes a healthy lifestyle among children including exercise and physical activity.
820 North Thompson Lane


Wild About Smiles
When it comes to their patients, Wild About Smiles is dedicated to making sure that every child, infant and adolescent grows up with a healthy smile. They have been treating Middle Tennessee patients for over 33 years. When it comes to treatment, they want their patients to be comfortable and have fun. They use kid-friendly terms and work to build trust among their patients and their parents. The strive to offer an adventure that pairs entertainment with oral health education.  They provide common and preventative care, special needs dentistry and emergencies as well as sedation dentistry.  Their practice is completely centered on providing an age-appropriate dental environment from beginning to end.     
614 East Clark Boulevard

Pediatric Dentistry of Middle Tennessee
Dr. Stephen E. Simpson and the staff at Pediatric Dentistry of Middle Tennessee want to create happy smiles for both children and parents through informative, detailed and empathetic service. They strive to build a relationship with each of their patients and their families and recognize that each of those families are unique. Their waiting area contains interactive video games and TVs to help kids get comfortable and each of their private rooms has a flatscreen on the ceiling. They can handle anything from routine cleanings to dental emergencies.      
132 Heritage Park Drive

Murfreesboro Family Dentistry
Dental education is a top priority for Murfreesboro Family Dentistry and Dr. Elizabeth Jackson. They work to inform their patients and families about how to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. They treat each patient as family and implement preventative care. Murfreesboro Family Dentistry can provide care for the entire family, not only children. They make it easy to schedule family visits in one central location. It is their goal to make each visit to the dentist relaxing and interactive and create a comfortable environment. They want to promote healthy smiles through routine care, early diagnostics and education.
2805 Old Fort Parkway Suite F

Togrye Orthodontics
When it comes to orthodontic treatment and oral health starting early can be a benefit. Whether it is a child, teen or adult, Togrye Orthodontics can treat any member of the family. They suggest that children see an orthodontist by the age of seven to detect any preventable problems such as crowding or cross bites. While many children do not need treatment that young, those who do can benefit from creating room for adult teeth to grow in, reducing the risk of future tooth removal and adding awareness for overall dental health. Most orthodontic treatment happens between the ages of 12 and 16 when issues are easier to detect.  Orthodontic treatment can help a child feel confident about their smile and build positive self-esteem. They strive to give personalized care and make the environment fun with video games, music and snacks.
152 Heritage Park Drive

Pack Orthodontics
Pack Orthodontics and Dr. Tracy Pack realize that a smile is important and sets a lasting impression. Dr. Pack makes sure to personally see each and every patient on their visit to check their progress. The team wants to make sure that each visit is enjoyable and stress-free while maintaining a friendly and professional atmosphere. They offer orthodontic care for all ages and make sure that their patients received personalized care. It is their mission to teach each family about oral health and dental hygiene that will help them keep a healthy smile for life. They keep the orthodontic experience fun with rewards programs, children’s games and TV and even a photobooth.
147 East Clark Boulevard