We’re Ready to Move, Now What?

By Jeff Wyatt, JWyatt Homes

Now that you have decided to purchase a house, there are a few things that you need to consider.  As a 10-year home building veteran, I have talked to many people and clients to learn the “do’s and don’ts” of this important time in your life.

Your first obstacle will be determining if you want to build, customize a newly built home or purchase an existing home. Talking to your local builders or a real estate agent expressing YOUR NEEDS in a home will be extremely important at this step. These experts can help you understand what will best fit your needs and lead you in the direction best for you. YOUR NEEDS are key; take the time to sit down and make a “must have list” before your first meeting. You know what you and your family need for day to day living better than anyone.

In our tech savvy world, it only takes seconds to pull up pictures of homes on social media and sites like Houzz and Pinterest.  These are great tools to see what others have installed in their homes and to get ideas for yours. However, you must again refer to YOUR NEEDS; are those things a necessity or want of yours? This is the most important question you need to ask yourself when buying or building a home.  It doesn’t matter if the house has a wine cellar, formal dining room, outdoor kitchen. Ask yourself, does it work for YOU?  

Builders love the marketing of gorgeous homes to show-off what they are capable of building, and honestly it makes great pictures and viral posts.   However, behind the scenes there are a lot of thought processes behind those pictures. Spec homes are essentially a guess at what the market’s popular features are.  If you go to a neighborhood, every builder is a little different, just like YOU are a little different.  Your decision lies in which home or builder meets YOUR NEEDS.  The same goes for building a custom home; you are telling the builder exactly what you want in the house. 

Now it's time to make a  Move...

  1. The first and maybe most important items you need to determine are your budget and location of the house.  You will see homes ranging from starter homes up to mansions when looking at the market.  You, your builder, and/or your agent will work together in finding homes in your price range and the area you want to live.  No one wants the home to be a burden, so this step can’t be taken lightly.  Ask as many questions as needed to feel comfortable!!
  2. The next step you contemplate is the house layout.  This is also an important decision for the budget; once you decide the layout and start building, it’s very costly to change.  You analyze the kitchen, living room, bonus room, outside, etc.   For example, some people have to have a formal dining room and others think it is a waste of space. You have to decide if the house will work for you and your family.  Many families love a big island in the kitchen that seats everyone where they can eat almost every night.  Others can’t do without a playroom...they want a space for the kids to run and play.  A large laundry room, mudroom or “drop zone” might also be necessary elements. You will find a home that literally helps you in your everyday life, fulfilling “YOUR NEEDS!”
  3. Exterior Materials will play a huge role in the “feel” of your home. Do you like contemporary stone, traditional brick or farmhouse hardie board style? This will be the home where you build many memories, be sure it makes you happy to see!
  4. Colors and Decorative Elements can easily be changed, but also another part of the puzzle that makes your house YOUR home.   The same houses are built over and over by a builder because of comfort with a plan, but changing things like cabinets, tile, paint, and lighting will completely change the feel of the house.  Some gravitate towards the tans and warm tones, and others towards the grays and cooler tones.  You will usually decide which feels right to you as soon as you walk in the front door.