VIP At Home @ Copper Ridge

By Sadie Fowler | Photos by Erin Kosko

Sherry and David Lynn planned to expand their equestrian boarding facility back in 2013 by building a new barn, but during the process plans changed. Two years later, Copper Ridge opened and it’s now considered a beautiful, spacious and rustic events venue located in the outskirts of Rutherford County.

“We’d planned for 13 stalls and it was all set with a tack room, kitchen and everything else when a friend of mine came out and wanted to have a wedding in a barn,” said Sherry, explaining the facility never served its original purpose. It took off from there and Sherry has fully embraced her role as a pseudo-wedding coordinator ever since.

Sherry and David’s involvement in Copper Ridge makes perfect sense as it complements David’s ownership of Murfreesboro Flower Shop well. David is a master floral architect and designer and brides often seek his expertise in arranging their flowers for their special day.

Sherry explained the added benefit and convenience that comes along with using the flower shop and the venue, although they pride themselves in their outstanding flexibility and allow brides to use any vendors (flowers, food, photography, etc.) they want when using Copper Ridge as their location.

Copper Ridge is located on Betty Ford Road, less than a 10-minute drive past the Rutherford County line. Sherry and David’s beautiful residence sits on the property adjacent to the facility, and horses occupy the pastures surrounding both the home and event facility.

Copper Ridge features a large reception area, a gorgeous chapel as well as bridal suites that were once intended to be stalls in an elegant yet rustic setting that can accommodate guests in the 250 range.

Sherry and David are constantly making improvements and appreciate the dedication of Mike and Michael Caddell who have done all the construction projects at Copper Ridge. In fact, just a few weeks ago the Caddells were outside building more tables while the facility was photographed for this very feature.

Sherry helps with both the flower shop and events venue, and her calm and laid-back personality has intertwined nicely with customers, such as brides or mothers of the bride, who might be experiencing stress and nerves as they plan for their special day.

“I try to make it as simple and easy as possible for them,” she said. “I tell them, when you rent the venue you get me. I put the bride first and tell her ‘I’m here for you.’”

Some are more involved in others. Some brides want Sherry to plan everything while others want to do it all themselves. She delights in sharing the story of a mature bride, in her 80s, who was on top of her game from start to finish.

“On the day of the wedding she came in and had a big board up here in the chapel covered up with sticky notes,” Sherry said. “Each sticky note had a job that needed to be done so anyone here helping could go to the board, do a task, then get rid of the sticky note. It really was a great way to get things done … This couple knew exactly what they wanted, and they had a large guest list as well!”

About three years ago, Sherry was at a crossroad with her career at St. Thomas West in Nashville and ultimately decided to leave the hospital and work full-time with her husband. David has been operating Murfreesboro Flower Shop for 37 years.

Copper Ridge takes up a great deal of their time during peak wedding season, and Sherry takes great pride in offering flexibility and stellar customer service.

Shawn White’s daughter Haley couldn’t have dreamed of a better experience than what she encountered at Copper Ridge. Her husband Jason Griffin said they knew immediately upon visiting Copper Ridge it was the venue for them.

“It’s beauty, the price and the amount of people it will hold were perks to us but the biggest perk was we could use any vendor we wanted,” White said. “They were so easy to work with. I did the decorations, Sherry did the flowers and it all worked together perfectly.

White said the fact that they started the planning process so early was also a big help in having such a smooth day.

“You can never plan too much and I’d recommend a minimum of allowing yourself one year for planning a wedding,” White said. “We had our venue, photographer and cake all planned within the first month … My friends helped me with the food but Sherry will give anyone as much guidance with that as they want. The other piece of advice I’d offer is not to be afraid to ask for help from friends when planning a wedding. The bottom line: The more you plan the more you won’t have to stress.”

Sherry recalls very few times where potential disaster seemed near and says her biggest challenge is simply helping to occasionally calm nerves from time to time.

“It’s all been very smooth,” she said. “My favorite aspect of all this, I think, is the satisfaction I feel in knowing I did my job to ensure everything turned out right for someone’s special day.”