Bridal from the ‘Boro: Custom Classic Couture

Sarah Jameson spent her childhood with the sound of her mother’s embroidery machines humming in the background. Growing up in a family embroidery business that had been passed down from Sarah’s grandfather, a career in fashion and a passion for small, local business was already taking root.

It was a costume and design class at Siegel High School her senior year that first sparked her interest of a career in fashion design. Her lifelong support of the Blue Raiders made her decision easy to stay in Murfreesboro for her undergraduate studies. At Middle, Sarah gained technical knowledge about her craft and hands-on experience while studying fashion design.

Upon graduation, Sarah began working as an Alteration Specialist at a Bridal and Formal shop. She also began working part-time for Julie Parrish at The Perfect Piece in the heart of Downtown Murfreesboro. It was the interactions and relationships that she built with local shoppers that affirmed her deep-rooted desire to pursue a future in a small business of her own.

Murfreesboro’s proximity to Nashville continued to open doors of opportunity for Sarah. In the fall of 2016 she moved, and serendipitously happened upon the Willow Bride. Willow Bride is a locally owned bridal boutique in Nashville that offers a unique one-on-one experience for brides searching for their dream gown. Sarah uses personalized appointments to get to know the brides on a more intimate level, offering the ultimate, customized shopping experience. Owner Tammy Tallent and her business partner Elizabeth Rose have supported Sarah in her endeavors to establish herself as a designer, including allowing her the opportunity to carry her own pieces in the Willow Bride boutique.

In 2018, Sarah has made the decision to rebrand her at-home alterations services and custom gowns business into a company of its own, “Rudy Lou.” In her first year as a small business owner, Sarah has designed two custom wedding gowns, over 30 custom veils, and countless alterations for various occasions. Her vision for Rudy Lou is a company that holds true to family values and traditions. She wants to provide a service free of the mainstream craze that brides-to-be often get caught up in. She is dedicated to making the total bridal process a stress-free experience that brides-to-be can look forward to. She takes pride in her ability to focus on the little details, and to incorporate a sentimental touch to her new pieces. For example, she can take lace from the mother-of-the-bride’s wedding gown to line the veil for her daughter, the bride-to-be, serving as her “something old.” She has also embroidered pieces of neck ties or handkerchiefs of loved ones into the lining of a gown so that the bride-to-be could carry a special memory on her big day.  

Sarah believes that being a designer is all about taking risks and staying true to herself. This field can be very difficult at times, because in the creative world there is no “Black or White” “right or wrong”, instead it is about going all-out in hopes that customers will see the beauty from her perspective. As a designer, Sarah frequently finds herself in a very vulnerable position, because her vision is continuously being judged by outsiders. She believes that imagination is such a strong part of who she is and how far she has come.  

Sarah looks ahead to this new venture bright-eyed and optimistic, eagerly chasing down the opportunities to make both her dreams and those of her beautiful brides, come true.