Here Comes the Spring Again

Story by Lee Rennick, Photography by Sam Stockard, Jr.

March winds and April showers bring pretty May flowers, as the old saying goes, but this April it’s raining new styles for a new season. Spring is blooming with great dress and playwear for kids and adults.

The Pantone Color of the Year, “Greenery”, which has had wide effect on interior design, has also brought more shades of green into the forefront in fashion. And Farrow and Ball’s Pegnoir (a dusty pink) paint color of the year has inspired all things pink.

Pink cabbage rose and other flower prints seen everywhere this spring are influenced by the interior design trend of bringing the outside in. Seen on walls in homes and in fashion is the increasing use of rich blues making one think of indigo seas, clear blue skies, teal lakes, and navy nights.

Fashion runways and interior design studios have always been intertwined, as the question of whether clothing or lifestyle lead the way in design; much like the question of which came first, the chicken or the egg.  

We think beautifully designed homes, be they old (like Oaklands Mansion) or new (like the home of Elizabeth Allen and her family), are the perfect background for this season’s biggest trends in clothing.

Models: Axel Aguilera, Crews Aguilera, Valerie Aguilera, Addy Allen, Baylor Allen, Zoe Boudreaux, Laura Bryant, Lilly Broox Carey, Kendra Cooke, Dana Cox, John Dietrich, Jimmy Hart, and Stefanie Jones.

Locations: Home of Elizabeth Allen of e. Allen, and Oaklands Mansion

Oaklands Mansion is offering a Wetlands and Garden Tour on April 8 at 2:00 pm that is free and open to the public.