The Imagination Childcare Choice

As a parent, one of the most important goals you strive to achieve is building a solid foundation of strong ethics and morals that will help guide your child through the complex situations she will inevitably face while growing into young adult.  No single pathway or “right answer” exists in all circumstances.  Rather the collective set of your choices, in combination with reinforcement by your actions, will help steer your child in making those decisions that will enable them to live a flourishing life.  

Although a single model does not exist for guiding a child to grow into a well-adapted adolescent and adult, we know that a great amount of intentional focus and effort, combined with a plan is necessary.  At Imagination Childcare, we believe that a strong vision supported by a defined mission and set of values is essential for directing teaching and engagement plans during your child’s most formative years.  Our purpose, which is fueled by our passion to serve young children and parents in our community, stands at the core of our existence and serves as a daily reminder of our goal to help pave the path for future success in every aspect of your child’s life.

We believe that many parents choose to entrust their children with the Imagination Childcare preschool experience is because our smaller, family-owned centers allow us to focus our actions on a love for Christ, which is lived out in our values every day, and our actions reflect this mission and vision we embrace.




Our vision is that our Christian Academy Preschools become a place where children learn to embrace a love for God and develop skills that will lay a foundation for success in every area of their lives.



Our mission is to offer a secure, Christian-based, multi-cultural and engaging environment, where children can develop motor, social, critical thinking, language and literacy skills while building character and self- confidence.

We strive to provide an opportunity for children to develop early life skills through guidance by our staff and through immersion into our stimulating classrooms and play areas that foster social interaction, encourage exploration and trigger curiosity.

Vision, Mission & Values

“Early Education where Christ is First” is not only our Imagination Childcare motto, but also a simple summation of our Vision, Mission and Values.  We place a strong emphasis on our values which are manifested through the high-quality care we provide to your children.  Over the last decade, our experience shows through establishing healthy partnerships with hundreds of parents, like you, we can successfully form in your child the building blocks for a life-long love for Christ, a strong character and positive self-image.

Our Curriculum & Staff

Our Imagination Childcare development plan engages children through structured curriculum and free-play activities that facilitate learning and adaption to form positive self-images, healthy habits and good attitudes.  Our curriculum is derived from multiple theories of child development to support growth toward achievement of goals in the four domains of early learning – Social, Emotional, Intellectual and Physical.  We believe that when guided by an over-arching vision, our teachers and caregivers can help your child’s interaction within our Montessori-like environment unlock the power of their young minds and imagination.  

The specific curriculums that anchor our efforts and provide the monthly learning themes are Mother Goose Time and Experience God.  We use the professionally-developed material as a launching point for your child to explore the theme and learning domain in combination with other developmentally appropriate activities that help teach aspects of social responsibility and awareness of the environment and world.

Additionally, Mother Goose Time offers an excellent avenue for active parental involvement, by giving parents an opportunity to participate more fully in the educational journey at home.  Material and ideas are available for you to reinforce concepts that support the monthly theme, which can lead to a greater learning and bonding experience with your child during these formative years.

Our programs are facilitated by highly dedicated and trained individuals who are just as passionate about your child’s learning and development as you.  At every age level, you can be assured that your child is developing and enhancing their skills in a safe and loving environment with our enthusiastic and passionate staff.

Our Age-Appropriate Programs

We offer programs for your child from six weeks up to Kindergarten. We aim our activities to enhance the knowledge of your child based on age, abilities and comparison to standard development level scales.  Each of our programs has separate development goals that build upon each other to allow focus and mastery in specific areas while maintaining the continuity of the overall learning experience.  

Health & Safety

Safety is the top priority at Imagination Childcare.  We provide safety and security for your child as well as peace of mind for you through our health and safety initiatives which include secured entry and to the centers, remote emergency monitoring, extensive employee background checks and sanitary environments.

We Hope to Meet You Soon

Contact us by phone or email to schedule a tour orinquire further about our programs and operations to determine which one is the right fit for your child. Our website offers a variety of helpful and valuable resources that we encourage you to review:

We hope you choose Imagination Childcare as your choice in early childhood development and creative growth for your child. We look forward to meeting you with the hope that you will become part of our Imagination Childcare family.