VIProfile: Kirt Wade

Newly elected City Councilman Kirt Wade has a passion for Murfreesboro and a passion for service to his community. As part of a successful career that has led him across the Southeast, he relocated his family to Murfreesboro 10 years ago. Here he owns and operates both a commercial printing company as well as a commercial paving and sealing business. As a small business owner, Wade felt it was important to be a part of the Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce.

“It was through my membership and work with the Chamber of Commerce boards that I met a lot of great people that lived in Murfreesboro; and they shared their love and passion for this city. It didn’t take long for me to see all the many great growth opportunities that were ahead of the city,” said Wade.

Wade grew up in West Tennessee in the small city of Trenton where his father, George E. Wade was an alderman for more than 26 years and served on a number of local and state-wide boards. “While growing up, he was the person that the community looked to for help and understanding what was going in the city. He is behind my drive to be a public servant. I’ve watched him serve, and I know that this is what makes me want to serve as well. It’s in my DNA.”

Wade’s career began with him working a number of years for UPS in West Tennessee. He later moved to Middle Tennessee in 1997 and worked in sales for Opryland Hotel.

“At that time I was responsible for sales and marketing toward sports, religious and civic groups at Opryland. That’s how I met the General Manager of the Jacksonville Jaguars (an NFL team in the American Football Conference South). While planning their stay at the hotel, they expressed an interest in my organization and communication skills. After an interview, I was offered the job of Manager of Team Operations. For five seasons I was responsible for managing and planning all aspects of the team travel and logistics for home and away games. Also while in Jacksonville, I had the opportunity to work on the Super Bowl Transportation Host Committee for Super Bowl XXXIX.  

“After changes in Team Management, we decided it was time to move closer to our families (my wife is a native of Birmingham, Ala. We moved back to Middle Tennessee and chose Murfreesboro. So much had begun to change in Murfreesboro, in the six years that we were in Florida. It was a no-brainer that Murfreesboro was where we wanted to plant ourselves.”

Wade is married to Faye Wade and they have three sons, Jonathan, Zachary and Benjamin. “My family and I love this city. Moving here, and to the Blackman community has been one of our best decisions. We love the smaller city feel, while still having all of the primary services that are found in a larger city. My work on the Planning Commission for six years along with the work that I did as a member of the Historic Planning Commission has allowed me an opportunity to help shape how we grow as a city. Because Murfreesboro is one of the fasted growing cities in the country; as a Planning Commission member and as a Councilman; I feel an obligation not just to my family, but to all of the Murfreesboro residents, to ensure that we are making responsible decisions about what type of city we want to be. It’s important to me that we listen to the needs of our community and manage the new development and city growth in a way that allows managed growth and innovative changes that improve the quality of life for everyone. When I ran for City Council, my pledge was to ‘Move Forward Together’. That’s what will make this city successful. Together we can all help keep Murfreesboro on the list of one of the greatest places to live in the state of Tennessee.

A high achiever, Wade continuously sets goals for himself personally and professionally. “One of my primary goals for the city is to improve downtown Murfreesboro. I believe if we create more opportunities for local retail businesses to move downtown, we can increase the restaurants and housing. Right now there are a lot of things that prohibit people from moving downtown or building new downtown. My participation on Murfreesboro 2035 has given me so much insight as to all of the beautiful spaces that we have, and with the right vision, we can protect our greenways, while creating a city that residents can live, work and play in.”

Wade’s service on the Planning Commission gives him a unique insight into the future of Murfreesboro. “So much of the growth in the city is approved at the Planning Commission meeting. We spend a lot of times reviewing plans and talking to builders; with the purpose of ensuring responsible development in the city. We want this city to grow, we just want it to grow responsibly.