Perfect Wedding Invitations

“Your invitation sets the tone for your wedding”, is a phrase that is used over and over at The Write Impression when working with brides and grooms as they select the perfect invitation to reflect the event they are planning for that once in a lifetime celebration. As you plan your event, the invitation should be at the top of your wedding planning checklist, as for the next 6-12 months the invitation will serve as a guide for almost every aspect of the wedding planning process.

The invitation you select is a direct reflection of your personality and style, as well as a visual representation of the type of event that your guests are being invited to attend. Not only does the wedding invitation provide your guests with a first glimpse of your special event, but also helps them to know how formal your event is, the type of shoes to wear (for example, will your event be out of doors or inside a church), and also gives them the necessary time needed to make arrangements in their schedule for your special day. Wedding invitations should be mailed 4-6 weeks in advance; while for a destination wedding, you might consider mailing 6-8 weeks in advance. If a destination wedding is being planned, then Save the Date cards are suggested and should be mailed 6-11 months in advance.

With the rapid changes in printing technologies, wedding invitations can take 2-4 weeks to produce, depending on the printing process you select. The most expensive processes are engraving, letterpress and foil stamping and take the longest to produce; while thermography (a heat based transfer process) and digital printing can be produced in just a few short days after proof approval. We suggest that you let us help you with paper selection, wording, design and the preferred process in order to stay within your budget. It is important to determine a budget for your wedding invitation ensemble before you begin the selection process so that you can be guided to the most appropriate options. These days, many brides find ideas on Pinterest and create their own Pinterest wedding board. A Pinterest board is most helpful when wanting to create a unique, custom design that reflects your own personal style, and will serve as a guide as you make decisions in all of the other items on your checklist. We are available to walk you thru the process to help make your ensemble selection simpler and more enjoyable.

Whether your wedding is a large formal affair, or a small intimate gathering, let us help you make The Write Impression! We look forward to seeing you in the store!

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Here are some helpful hints to consider before you come in to select your wedding invitation ensemble…

GUEST LIST – This is the most important list you will make before your wedding! An easy way to make sure you don’t forget anyone is to separate the names into categories such as: bride/groom friends, bride’s family friends, groom’s family friends, etc. This list will become an invaluable tool, as it will help you determine the budget for every aspect of your event. Remember…when calculating the number of guests, divide the number by two as this will help you determine the number of invitations you will need (we typically plan on two people per invitation). You will want be sure to add a few extra…as if you forget anyone and have to reorder, it becomes very costly.

CREATE A TIMELINE - The suggested timeline below is provided by our vendor William Arthur and is a great guide to help you with your wedding day planning!

RESPONSES AND WEDDING WEBSITES - For several years now, we have used what we consider to be a more effective and cost efficient way to receive responses to your wedding. Stop by the store and let us help you determine the best way to receive responses from your guests.

ADDRESSING THE INVITATIONS – A wedding invitation ensemble is the most formal invitation that you will ever send, and you don’t want it to look like a mass-mailing, so please…no mailing labels. Our best suggestion is to hand-address your wedding invitations yourself, or to get your family and bridal party involved. If hand-addressing is just too daunting, then The Write Impression offers addressing services in the store. We also have several calligraphers with whom we work who are more than happy to hand-address your envelopes, too! If you do address the invitations yourself, be sure to use a nice black pen to ensure that both the ink and handwriting are clear and legible.

MAILIING THE INVITATIONS - Make sure that your invitations have the correct postage BEFORE you take them to be mailed. We suggest that when you pick up your invitations that you make a trip to the post office and have one of them sized and weighed so you will know exactly the correct amount of postage required. The USPS offers a variety of wedding stamp designs and postage amounts. If you are really into stamps and letter writing, vintage stamps can be purchased locally from a collector or on the internet. Using several stamps to total the postage amount will give your envelope a unique look and make the recipient want to open it and see what is inside! Lastly…you can mail an invitation to the White House and receive a reply from the President’s social secretary. What a fun keepsake to commemorate your special wedding day!