Incorporating Color Into Your Wedding

By Becca George

One of the questions that comes up so often when planning a wedding is, “what are your colors?” The popularity of colors changes from year to year and decade to decade. Take a look at your parent’s wedding album and you will most likely see some form of pastel. While it can be a bit overwhelming to pick color, it can be a fun thing to incorporate into your wedding design. Don’t be afraid to use it.

Many times couples don’t just choose two colors but select more of a color palette. This allows for more flexibility and won’t lead into a search all over town for an exact shade of blue. A palette gives you a range of colors and shades that look good with each other.  Choosing that color palette can require you to take different factors into consideration.

Look at your venue. Look at the walls, the curtains, the carpet and consider what colors will complement the space. You may have bright red in mind for a color but the green carpet in a space may make you think twice about a Christmas in July wedding aesthetic. Look at what makes sense within the space.  

Research what you truly like.  Don’t just look for what is on trend or what is on Pinterest, look for what you love.  If bright colors are your thing don’t do neutrals because you see it everywhere. If cool, serene colors calm you down, use them. Look to the colors you wear often to see what you gravitate towards; these could be the colors you utilize in your wedding palette.

A vibe can determine your colors. If you really want a bohemian feel you may end up with patterns or a more Moroccan palette whereas if you are going for a more polished look you may gravitate toward jewel tones. Let some of your décor determine what colors you use. If you are using rugs as decor pull from the rich colors of that and add greens and colors to make the patterns in your rugs pop.

Set the Mood. Your colors could set the tone or the mood for the wedding day. If you choose many neutrals and greens your day may feel more relaxed and organic whereas if you choose purples and blues you may get a more dance party atmosphere. Think about what type of mood you want to set for your guests; is that a back yard barbecue or do you want an elegant plated dinner? Consider colors that will continue that tone.

Seasons matter, sort of. Nature gives us a lot to work with and you can use that to your advantage. Picking colors and flowers that are in season could save the cost of having more expensive flowers flown in from across the world. Many flowers can be purchased at any time but could bump up the cost tremendously. If your wedding is in the spring, bring in the greens and pale, faded colors and in the fall utilize your bolder cranberries and deep purples.

Greenery is refreshing and clean and is the Pantone color of the year for this year. Greenery is a wonderful thing to incorporate into any color scheme. It complements whites, it makes color stand out and is an elegant nod to nature in any setting. Greenery works within a ballroom or outside in a barn. There are many different types when it comes to greens, they can soften a space or add some texture to a table.

Choose your neutral. Neutrals can typically go with any color scheme and can be used as your background colors or to help your accent color stand out.  While white is the classic and timeless neutral, grey has become very popular. Neutrals help the colors you have incorporated make a bigger impact.

Let it be you. Regardless of when your wedding is or where it is, let it be yours. Choose something that makes sense for you and your style. Don’t force what you see on Pinterest but work toward the colors you keep gravitating to over and over.