Fresh Starts after Hard Falls

Cherie Jobe has shared her story of hope in a multitude of avenues, most commonly known through writing books and an annual conference where she uses herself and other similarly situated women to encourage Murfreesboro’s women to forge on, through faith and hope, even when life wants to stop them, to find a brighter future on the other side.

This year, Cherie has two Murfreesboro natives sharing life stories of just how this theory has proven true for them. Anita Pirtle and Melissa Gilley will be joining Cherie’s team on February 11, and they have shared a glimpse into their journey with VIP Murfreesboro.

Anita is extremely proud of her successful long Kindergarten teaching career, as well as being a mother and wife.  She experienced a double brain aneurysm, an obvious obstacle that she was forced to overcome. Anita lost her ability to speak proficiently, therefore she had to endure a long 18 months of speech therapy.  She claims that this turning point brought her closer to God, giving her faith and determination to keep going despite the difficulty of the process.  Anita admits to be quite humbled from the illness, however, gaining great determination from her support system and her faith.  She experienced the true love of the Murfreesboro community through hundreds of cards, emails, and visits that proved to be another source of strength.  She is ecstatic to have a platform through New Beginnings to share the hope she felt with other ladies who also suffer from extreme illnesses.

The important success in Melissa’s life would “no doubt be that Jesus chose (her) to be a child of His and to share in the journey He specifically chose for (her) on this earth, with a close second being a wife and mother to her wonderful children. Melissa suffered an extremely painful trial when she lost her son, Bruce, at the age of 14. Although the most difficult occurrence in her life, the loss provided a turning point through her faith, realizing God had a plan and purpose for her afterwards. Before losing Bruce, Melissa was your typical Mom, running from place to place, attending school functions and going to church on Sunday’s, unlike Bruce (who was a lovely servant), which was the extent of her Christian walk. She didn’t realize God had so much more for her, and the sad thing, she states, is that she believed that was enough. She was perfectly content. Melissa has been part of the Murfreesboro community for most of her life, and she has turned to the citizens, who have willingly obliged through support of the annual Bruce Gilley Run For Him at Belle Aire Baptist Church every year for the last 12 years. Melissa is thankful for New Beginnings for the opportunity to share her journey and connect with wonderful Christian women with whom she can pray and trust.