Deck the Halls

Cold weather, twinkling lights, hot cocoa by the fire with family --it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. The holiday season brings about a lot of hustle and bustle but it also brings a warm and inviting atmosphere full of family and friends. The task of decorating your home for Christmas can be a daunting one. Many people opt to take a load off and let a professional help them with the stress of holiday decorating.

Organization is Key

Each year there comes a day when all of those holiday decorations have to be pulled out of the attic and put on display to spread holiday cheer. This task is daunting and made even more difficult if the décor is spread through multiple locations throughout the house.
Gretchen Bailey, organization queen with May I Help You?, helps people stay organized throughout the year and extends that into the holiday season. “My number one rule of organization and the number one rule for Christmas is like with like,” explains Bailey, “I always recommend that you store your Christmas decorations all together so that they are not spread out.” This concept alone could save time and energy in that bustling early part of the holiday season.

Bailey, who organizes closets, offices, kitchens, pantrys, etc. day to day, added holiday decorating and organizing to her repertoire when a client asked her to pull everything out of storage and decorate the interior of her home with the décor they wanted to keep and get rid of the things they didn’t use anymore. Gretchen came back after Christmas and took everything down then stored it all in one manageable and organized place.

Bailey recommends using clear containers that are not too large for any type of storage but especially for Christmas or holiday décor. Ensuring that the tub size is not too large helps to avoid injury when pulling it all out or putting it back in for the season. She also advocates for clear plastic storage bags, found at Hayne’s Hardware, for those oddly shaped items like wreaths or oversized Santas.

“When you are decorating for Christmas it is a wonderful time to decide what you might want to cast off,” says Bailey, “Start early, decorate, decide what you don’t want and take it to Funtiques or donate.” 

Gretchen Bailey | Phone: 615.785.4215

All The Trimmings

Throughout the year fresh flowers are an important party to any celebration. They add an aroma to then soften and enhance any space. Sheila Hines with Sheila Hines Floral Design provides beautiful florals for any occasion and is an expert in adding holiday ambiance to any outdoor façade.  

Using fresh greenery inside or outside your home adds an elegant and organic feeling to your holiday décor while offering the fragrances of fresh evergreens throughout your home. Fresh greens look beautiful on mantles, tablescapes or chandeliers. They can be adorned with anything from pine cones to bows or even jewels. When decorating on their own some people choose to start with a faux garland and add touches of organic greenery to enhance and give the garland a more full look. Decorating with fresh greenery and elements can add a nice lush, organic touch and don’t have to be stored at the end of the season.

Sheila Hines Floral Design offers beautiful options for outdoor decorating. She transforms the façade of your home with the use of garlands, greenery, wreaths and festive details. She specializes in mailboxes, garlands, porch garlands and any fresh outdoor floral design. She can also put together a beautiful arrangement for a dinner party or to add to the holiday ambiance inside your home.  

“I love creating something beautiful from natural materials,” explains Sheila, “Sometimes we will decorate multiple mailboxes on one street so it is a challenge to make each one unique.  Of course I love the joy it provides to each person. Doing what you love and sharing it with others is the best gift of all.”

Sheila Hines | Phone: 615-631-1601 | FacebooK: Sheila-Hines-Floral-Design

Light It Up

For many, their favorite childhood memories include driving around with the family and looking at holiday lights.  A house lit up for the holidays has a magical appeal for all ages. Some take the “Clark Griswold” approach and deck the halls with a plethora of lights while others go for a more minimal outdoor look.

Hanging those lights is not always a magical experience. Polar Express Christmas Lighting provides professional exterior Christmas lighting including installation, take down and storage throughout the year.  Polar Express helps plan your outdoor lighting but also help maintain the lights during the holiday season. They use premium quality products at affordable prices. Dad will thank you.   

Polar Express Christmas Lighting