Preferred Provisions

A few of our local restaurant owners and chefs have weighed in on their “favorites” from their menu selections. Check these out so you’re sure what to order when you visit the local favorites!


Parthenon Grille
Kathy Psychoularis

"My favorite dish is without a doubt the porterhouse. I call it the best steak of both worlds, with the filet on one side of the bone and the New York on the other side of the bone. It’s the best steak to share or to enjoy alone, only seasoned with extra-virgin olive oil, sea salt, and pepper. The quality of the beef stands on its own. It doesn’t need a lot of hoopla, rubs and such. Quality is key at Parthenon Grille. Only the best and freshest for our guests."

Peter D's
Kristin Demos


"One of my very favorite guilty pleasures is our BBQ Burger. I am a burger lover, and this one is my very favorite because of the combination of the ingredients. Number one is that it has BACON-- who doesn’t love bacon? Topped with our coleslaw (which was my mother in law’s recipe and is still my absolute favorite) and crispy fried onions, then our signature bbq sauce on top. All of the flavors and textures just blend together perfectly, and it requires multiple napkins- which is the signature note of any great burger- they should be MESSY!"

"Although I LOVE our Banana Pudding, my first love is still the Chocolate Quinoa Cake. It’s a darker chocolate and I love the texture of it combined with that hot fudge sauce and the salted caramel. It’s pure chocolate heaven."

Wade Hays

Toots 1.jpg

  “I think my favorite menu item right now is our new ‘Southwest Avocado Chicken Sandwich’.  It is a chicken breast grilled with Southwestern seasoning, and topped with melted pepper jack cheese and a lightly grilled and seasoned avocado half. Served up on a grilled, freshly baked Lewis Bakery bun, and with a side. My favorite are our Sweet Potato Wedges.”

Reeves Sain Soda Shoppe
Shari Bush


Shari has a favorite dish, and you won’t find it on the menu, but she encourages diners to order it whenever they come in.  It’s a grilled bacon-tomato-pimiento cheese sandwich.  Why is it her favorite?  With a combination like that, what could be better?

Andy Marshall

Andy Marshall, owner of Puckett’s Grocery,  chooses The King’s French Toastas his favorite dish. It is Texas toast filled with bananas and peanut butter, egg-dipped and pan-fried, comes with a side of fresh fruit (and don’t worry, if classic French toast is more your preference, they also offer “Just” French toast, without bananas and peanut butter).