VIProfile: Baylor Bramble

By Carrie Beth Catron

“When action meets compassion, lives change.”
This has happened as a result of Baylor Bramble being a part of our community on multiple occasions throughout his short life.  He has always lived a life of both descriptions – action and compassion.  Even when asked as a small child, his life aspirations were all about being a helper to others, either as Bob the Builder, or his desire to grow up and work for the church, as his parents do.  He never shied away from being a person who left a positive impression with every contact. 

Baylor is the older brother to Macie and Brady for whom he has always been a role model, and even sometimes to his parents, David and Christy.  No matter if he was playing sports, hunting, camping, or fishing as a young boy, he did it with a greater purpose, as a child of great faith and example. As he grew older, football became his greatest activity of interest.  He, his dad, and brother Brady have grown to love time together watching football at home and the family considers themselves “True Blue” MTSU fans as well.  Baylor and Brady have developed that love into a passion on the field, as they have both had great success on the field. Baylor’s dad says that more than just playing the sport, football “taught our boys how to work hard, work as a team, seek to be a leader, and use both talents and opportunities to show and share God’s love.”

Baylor Bramble, elected as the team captain of the Siegel High School football team, has been a leader of the team since he began playing with them through his fully committed personality.  He has always worked very hard in his role as defensive/corner back, and even in other positions when needed. Baylor is what we all consider the epitome of a team player – giving more than what was asked and always the true supporter of all of his teammates, all without expectation of anything in return.   Little did he or his family know that the return for that giving and selfless spirit would come right back tenfold, when they needed it most.

On a typical Friday night for the Bramble family, all were in attendance to support Baylor play his beloved game of football. They sat in the stands and watched as he suffered a severe brain injury during the game on October 23, 2015.  From that point on, their lives changed forever.  Amazingly, they do not believe that it has been for the worse; they truly believe that they have been the recipients of miracles and have more to say about the positive impact from the community than anything else. That’s right, David and Christy, when asked, cannot contain the joy and praise for being able to “see the faith of their two youngest children lived out as they support and contribute to Baylor’s rehabilitation, experience both the faith and the fight of Baylor, and receive the love of an entire community” as some of their strongest feelings since the accident.

Murfreesboro, you’ve done it again. You saw a need and you ran, not walked, to do everything in your power to support and protect your fellow citizens. Christy has not cooked ONE meal since the accident. WOW. Schools from all over have hosted times of prayer just for Baylor and have had special fundraisers which have purchased therapy equipment for Baylor to use. The family has also received financial support, home improvements, medical supplies, and all around love from people, churches, ministries, clubs, and businesses throughout Murfreesboro, many of whom they have never even met.  There is no definition that could express how Murfreesboro has been the epitome of a loving Christian community to the Bramble family.  They have only asked for prayers on Baylor’s behalf; this community has not only prayed, they have been the hands and feet to carry the family through this time.

Although the life of Baylor Bramble looks quite different than a year ago, he is certainly a recipient of many blessings, all of which are quite reflective of his own personality. Staying true to his “never give up” attitude, he has defied the odds delivered by doctors who gave very grim news in the days following the accident. His contagiously encouraging demeanor has kept his friends by his side, supporting just as he modeled for them. It is now a typical day in the Bramble home to find some of his greatest therapy, a group of friends and/or teammates in Baylor’s room just hanging out, watching TV, or playing Xbox.  To listen from the outside, you would never know that Baylor was not able to talk back to them or even move.  I want to scream from the top of Tiger Hill “Be like Baylor!” Don’t you agree?


“There are not sufficient pages in this magazine for us to fully and/or adequately express all this community has done for our family. Our journey is very hard.  You cannot imagine the difficulty of balancing nursing care, therapy, work, other children’s activities, necessary home renovations, ministry, and everyday life all within our home. This is nothing we could have ever imagined; however, it is where we are. We have no anger and no regrets; only a goal to see our son healed and to honor God throughout this season. This is made possible through the prayers and support of you all.”
David and Christy Bramble