6th Annual Football & Fashion

Fall is here. There is crispness in the air. Drying leaves crackle underfoot. The aroma of tailgate hot dogs sizzling on the grill signals that football season has begun. And the halls of academia are once again filled with the sound of youthful voices.

It is time to put away the pale linens of summer and snuggle into the lush sweaters, rustic leathers, rich colors, and lux fabrics of the season.

From the gentrified salt-and-pepper three-piece suit that just aches for a boulder hat and umbrella to rocker-chick metallic bronze jeans, this year’s Fall fashion offers flattering styles for every body -- from board room to classroom, to cheering in the stands.


Crazy Kukla
e. Allen
JC Penney
Lightning Locker Room
Lizard Thicket
Mimi’s Boutique
Stones River Mall
Trendy Pieces


Anthony Anderson
Beth Boudreaux
Zoe Boudreaux
Sarah Fryar Cantrell
Charlie Clark
Collins Clarke
Martin Clarke
Megan Clarke
John Hood  
Trisha Murphy
Eshan Patel
Mira Patel
Crystal Routon
Danielle Schultz  
Kurt Wade
Dani Wilbert-Solomatkin

Special thanks to MTSU Office of the President, MTSU Public Relations, MTSU Alumni Relations, Oakland High School’s Tim Roediger,
Oakland High School’s Art Yasso,  Emmy Thomas of Zen Dry, and Tiffany Lehew of The Powder Room.


Middle Tennessee State University
Oakland High School


Central Magnet School
Oakland High School
Riverdale High School
Siegel High School

Photo Shoot Concept & Coordinator

Lee Rennick


Sam Stockard