Lincoln: He Loves His Job

By Christy Womack

When Dan and Vicky Cassidy started their pest control business in October 2001, they had a vision for what they wanted their company to be like. They worked together and enlisted the advice of family and friends to develop a local family business that would have a professional presence. They painstakingly researched and selected names, colors, logos – all to build a brand name that customers would come to love and trust to come into their homes. “We wanted to grow a good solid business,” said Vicky. “We wanted to keep the small company feel even as we’ve grown.”

“It’s important to us to maintain a customer service feel,” said Dan who had worked for Sears Pest Control. When Sears sold out to Terminix, Dan knew it was the right time for a local pest control business to serve Murfreesboro. He started with just the two of them and the company has now grown to over 18 people. “We treat our employees like family, valuing them like we value our customers and their families, and one key part of that is Lincoln.”

Lincoln, is the five year old GoldenDoodle (Golden Retriever/Miniature Poodle mix) who greets everyone at the door as they enter The Bug Man offices. Careful, thoughtful and responsible as Dan and Vicky are about all their decisions, they considered carefully the responsibility of bringing a pet into their home. They decided they didn’t want to leave him alone all day and from the beginning introduced him to the office. Once housebroken, Lincoln was at the office every day. He loves his extended family and spends his day greeting customers and moving from one desk to another to spend time with each of the employees in the office.

“The employees all pet and play with him. He’ll move from under one person’s desk to another’s,” explained Vicky. “He’s great for employee morale. He’s a member of our family.”

Customers also feel strongly about him, some bringing their kids or grandkids with them to pay their bills monthly just to spend a few minutes with Lincoln. “If Lincoln is at the groomer, some customers will leave and come back later when he is there to finish their business with us,” laughs Dan.

“Lincoln is excited every morning to come to work,” says Vicky. “He’s the only dog I know who’s depressed on Saturdays and Sundays. He misses work!”

“We have such great staff,” says Dan. “We have very little turnover and Lincoln helps us to foster a family feeling.”

As a family owned and operated company, The Bug Man is committed to providing great customer service, rapid response time, educational resources from trained technicians and a customized explanation and pest management plan for their customers. They also take great care in stewarding the environment through their pest control services. The Bug Man has won eight consecutive Ruthie Awards for Favorite Pest Control Company in Rutherford County. Dan and Vicky have grown their business organically relying mostly on referrals from existing customers who rave on their attention to detail and customer service and of course LINCOLN.