Fun for Everyone and Everything is Fun!

The Discovery Center and it’s Commitment to EVERY child

By Carrie Beth Catron

The Discovery Center has evolved in many ways since its inception 27 years ago. We now live in a society of people who have become more aware of, and therefore more devoted to, the engagement of all children, no matter their ability or disability.  With that awareness have come many changes to not only building structures, but also the availability of accommodations and accessibility.

In January 2015, Discovery Center took more of its own steps of accommodation and accessibility with the formation of their Special Needs Task Force. This group of volunteers is comprised of parents, professionals, and staff all committed to fostering an environment that allows for exploration without barriers. The task force is working to make visits to Discovery Center more enjoyable and comfortable in the following ways:

Assistive Technology Check Out Program

Noise-Reducing Headphones

Transition Timers

Weighted Vests

Easi-Grip Loop Scissors and Triangular Crayons

Inclusion and accessibility training for all staff

Sensory-focused additions to Discovery Center-designed exhibits

Development of a museum social story to help eliminate pre-visit concern

Many of these new accommodations were “tried out” by a very active and excited group of Murfreesboro’s children earlier this month.  It’s quite obvious from the photos that their experience was anything but boring and quiet!  Looking amazing in styles providedlocally by The Crazy Kukla Boutique, smiles were all around at every location within the Center.

Each year, The Discovery Center hosts its largest fundraiser, The Secret Garden Party and Tour, to help fund the needs of the center, which now include more devices and changes to make sure that EVERYONE can have FUN (quite possibly learn, too!)

Be sure to mark your calendar to attend on June 2, the newly added Secret Garden Brunch, and June 3, The Secret Garden Party, and the Secret Garden Tour on June 4 – who wouldn’t want to contribute to such a valuable cause?

Find all the Details About this year’s Secret Garden Party and Tour by checking out the website: