How to Do the Boro Art Crawl

By Lee Rennick

Art Crawls have grown wildly popular in the last several years, but they are new to many residents of Murfreesboro and Rutherford County, so here are a few tips on how to enjoy the new and growing Boro Art Crawl.

The first Boro Art Crawl took place in October of last year and has occurred every other month since then on the second Friday of the month from 6 p.m. until 9 p.m. The Crawl brings together many individuals and organizations in the community to create a fun and educational experience for all to spotlight the arts and artists from Middle Tennessee. It features exciting emerging creative talent and a number of long standing professional artists. The event also includes musical performances and food at select locations.

More than twenty businesses and organizations participate in each Crawl, which reaches from Mayday Brewery at one end of the downtown area to small galleries near Middle Tennessee State University on the other, with the largest focus in and around the city square. It is a large area to cover in three hours, but the idea is not to try to get to all of the locations in one night. The idea is to keep coming back to the Crawl and explore all of the venues over a period of months.

Start by choosing a beginning location.
The map for each Crawl is available a few days in advance on their website,, and on their Facebook page at Make sure to pick up a hard copy of the map at any of the stops along the route, some businesses are offering special discounts if you have one. A lot of people begin their night at Mayday Brewery. They are participants in the event and serve food.

Pick about six locations that you really want to see. Anything over that is gravy. You want to have time to have a few snacks along the way, listen to music, talk to artists, and make a purchase or two. While most of the art is fine art, such as drawing, painting, and photography, there are also more and more fine craft artists joining the crawl. Their works include pottery and jewelry.

Learn and Have Fun.
In April the theme was poetry for National Poetry Month. This allowed Crawl planners to bring in The Delineators, poets who read their works out loud. They read every half hour at The Shoppes on Main. Several people in the audience had brought their children to introduce them to poetry reading. June’s theme will be launched on the Boro Art Crawl Facebook page in late May.

Decide where to end your night.
The new downtown bakery, Simply Pure Sweets, participated in April and had some yummy treats to purchase to finish off your night deliciously, The Green Dragon offered night caps, and The Alley on Main offered late night specials if you brought a copy of your map in with you.

Enjoy and Repeat.
June’s Boro Art Crawl will be for two nights in honor of the Tennessee Arts Commission’s annual convention being in town that week. The dates for the next Crawl are Thursday, June 9th, and Friday, June 10th. Make sure to put it on your calendar right now!

The Boro Art Crawl was founded by a group of artists, business leaders, and community advocates with a goal to bring patrons to the downtown Murfreesboro area, stimulate economic activity, and broaden the cultural opportunities of the community at-large.