The Trends and Timeless Details Of Lifestyle Design

by Lori Sain Smith

The major design markets of the year are underway, and there is no shortage of inspiration and the celebration of unique styles. The markets of Atlanta, Dallas, and High Point are the major industry meccas for trendsetters. A visit to these markets may seem overwhelming, but the experience always proves to be the most insightful way of learning the psychology of designers and their clients. Some fads will come and go, but many major manufacturers and artisans maintain the best responses to the needs of classic home design.

Here are some of the best trends and influences for today and beyond.

We have often referred to common categories of styles as traditional, modern, and eclectic. We have also moved into more defined terms, such as rustic, shabby chic, craftsman, cottage and minimalist. Areas of the world have helped define styles with terms like Americana, French Country and Mediterranean.

Today, the use of defined styles are as interesting as the styles themselves. With terms such as Southern Sophisticate, Casual Luxe, Industrial Urban and Boho Chic, the design world can classify products for use as certain style elements.

The most asked question in the design industry must certainly be around determining the best colors for spaces. Just when we think we may be following a trend, the major paint companies and Pantone give us their “Colors of the year!”

For 2016, Benjamin Moore gives us Simply White, OC-117. Pantone gives us Rose Quartz and Serenity.  By now, you have seen these colors in many applications.

Color trends will always be as individualized as those who dwell within them. Currently, the most striking palette throughout designer showhouses is that of neutrals, from which many colors may pop through the use of art, fabrics, and accessories.  The flooring, tile and counter selections and walls offer a relaxing, classic anchor for a timeless appeal.  Light walls and dark cabinets are a sophisticated way to create interest in neutral spaces.

As studies continue to pour out about the needs and buying habits of each generation, one concept that will be important forevermore is the need for uniqueness and customization. We all have a desire to “make it personal.” We like options for living throughout our daily routines and environments, from our coffee to our phone settings to our sleep settings on mattresses.  Customization is an important factor in building homes, but it also an essential in furniture selection, appliances and the exact dimensions of our sofa.  Manufacturers are ready to accommodate requests for any details that make it personal.

Natural curiosities will always be around and in demand. However, the use of these natural creations in interiors has increased in all types of settings. The use of stones, minerals, sea glass, horn, and shells as accessory pieces offers beautiful colors and textures that may only be found in nature. Their tranquil and uplifting sensory attributes are psychological benefits.

When in doubt, mix it up!  Antique brass, bronze, oil-rubbed bronze, zinc, pewter, polished nickel and chrome -  all great choices for finishes in any interior.  Most can be used in combination throughout a home or office setting - even within the same room.

Gone are the days of matching the plumbing fixtures to the lighting fixtures to the cabinet hardware.  The interest comes from the combinations.

Accessories are also great ways to mix those metals.

Structured Geometrics create symmetry and structure with patterns in fabrics, accessories, and cabinetry trim. Slubby Textures offer a casual nod to traditional bedding linens, furniture upholstery, wallcoverings, and rugs.

Hopefully, these trends will inspire you to introduce at least a few into your important spaces.  Emerging trends are fun to follow, but classic design never goes out of style!

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