Lifetime of Learning: The Webb School Difference

by Christy Howard Womack

Founded in 1870, The Webb School has a rich history of challenging students both inside and outside of the classroom. A Webb education gives honor and personal integrity the same importance as rigorous academics. “Students vow to uphold the honor code by signing a pledge book each year and electing their peers to serve on the student-led Honor Council,” says Director of Admissions Julie Harris.

“Guided by our core values of honor, integrity and civility, the goal of The Webb School is to motivate young men and women to fulfill their promise. The community of 318 students is small by design, to create lifelong connections while fostering greater involvement and individual growth.”

Webb’s average class size of 10 and the student-teacher ratio of 7:1, gives each student the opportunity to actively participate in the classroom and receive individual attention. In addition to honors-level classes, 23 Advanced Placement courses allow students to prepare for college and earn college credit.

Webb’s signature curriculum program is the Emerging Voices Program, which teaches students the value of public speaking and writing. Writing across the curriculum and public speaking are major emphases at The Webb School. Students learn to create original ideas, assemble a body of research, and communicate those ideas effectively through writing and public speaking. Students showcase their skills each year by performing declamations, orations, performance creations and senior paper presentations. These exhibitions are developed and completed under the mentorship of the students’ advisors and other members of the community. The goal is to create confident contributors in the classroom and beyond. The program culminates in the senior year with the presentation of a major research paper.

“Webb not only prepares its students for college but it prepares them for life. As a graduate of Webb, I can honestly say that Webb made me a more confident and responsible person and it changed my life in so many positive ways,” says Harris.

An extensive list of extracurricular programs attracts students to new activities and helps them develop their passions. An outdoor program, complete with backpacking, rafting, ropes courses and rock climbing encourages students to develop leadership skills while enjoying the natural surroundings. Webb offers 16 varsity sports including football, cheerleading, basketball, golf, lacrosse and more. Whether it is on the fields, stage, studio, or ropes course, Webb students have numerous opportunities to extend their education beyond the classroom.

A mindful, global education is built into the very fabric of the curriculum at The Webb School and reflects a continuing commitment to graduating active citizens of the world.

Students from 16 different states and 12 different countries provide Webb with a diverse community that is unique in Middle Tennessee. A global education is built into every day at Webb as students interact with their peers, teachers and coaches and learn about different cultures. Each class, each activity, and each meal is an opportunity for students to authentically connect with each other and expand their viewpoint.

“What truly makes Webb special is our extraordinary students. Our focus on character and work ethic creates a community of young adults who are both nurturing and responsible. When you visit our campus and meet our students, you will be amazed by the level of maturity of our students. I consider it a true honor to work with our students,” said Harris.

“As a graduate of Webb and the Director of Admissions for 11 years, I can honestly say that this is my passion rather than my career. Being responsible for seeking out strong students and helping them shape their future is more rewarding than words can express.”

Webb offers more than $1.7 million in financial aid and scholarships each year. Applications are now being accepted for grades 6-12. For more information or to schedule a campus visit, please contact Julie Harris, Director of Admissions at 931-389-6003 or visit