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Christy Shafer, CBK Designs

The kitchen “Is the heart of the home”.
We hear it all the time and it sounds so cliché right?

Growing up, the tiny enclosed kitchen at my folk’s house is where we congregated, whether we were helping mom cook or cleaning dishes up after dinner before we could go out and play.  Now, 35 years later, the kitchen, with the open concept building plans, truly is the center of most homes these days.

After graduating with a business and marketing degree from David Lipscomb, I found myself working in a cabinet department at a building supply house.  Quite by accident, I learned that I loved helping builders and homeowners design useful, comfortable and affordable kitchens. I continued working in the business for a couple of companies until the building market took a hit and decided people will still remodel the existing homes if they don’t have a new one to buy.

CBK Designs was born on the dream that I could do what I loved, make a little extra money for my son’s extracurricular (soccer) activities, and work around a busy family schedule.  Fast forward five years and I have been more blessed than I ever thought possible.  I decided to be a dealer for Marsh Furniture and they have the best cabinets and customer service to help me serve my clients.

There are several things to consider:

  • How many people live in the house?
  • What are the ages of the kids?
  • How often do you entertain adult friends compared to the house being full of children?
  • What do you do when you want to freshen up the old look and limitation in your current kitchen?

While these may seem trivial questions, they can all factor into where you place appliances, what kind of counter top space you need, what kind of storage would work for your family the best and if you want an island, peninsula or other eat in dining space.  Remember, you need a space that you can keep that cookie jar out of hungry little hands.  

When you finally convince your significant other to make the leap to remodel, there are more options and decisions than you would think, so even if you are a DIYer, at minimum consult with a professional for ideas and functionality suggestions.  After 20 years of designing kitchens, I have made several miscalculations, so I can keep you from making the same mistakes.  Before remodeling, discuss budget, style, wood and don’t forget countertops. Do some homework before deciding on a budget; remember you can’t get the highest end cabinets for 5K.  For every HGTV watcher that is surprised they can get a new kitchen as inexpensively as I can deliver, there is the DIY person who thinks it should be so easy and only cost a fraction of the price.

Remember we can do anything to your kitchen for a price, but color, style and design usually drive the final decisions on what is the final budget. Whether you are a traditionalist, a minimalist or you just want functionality, CBK Designs can give you a free consultation and get you started in the right direction.