Bring the Spirit of the Season to Life in Your Home

Jennifer Davenport, JD’s All About Home

Fall in Love with Your Home

I have lived in many different places, but Murfreesboro captured my heart from the very first time I visited. And, 20 years later, it is still my cherished home.  When my chicks were still at home, I made it a point for all of us to take a walk down main street when all the leaves were at their peak. The golden glow created by the sun spilling through the large established trees was a sight not to be missed. We always enjoyed the sounds of leaves crunching underfoot while admiring the beautiful historic homes.
Murfreesboro puts on a spectacular fall show. When the orange and red leaves begin to show their colors, and colorful mums and pumpkins begin popping up on porches, it is as if we all take in a breath and sigh.  

Decorating a home for fall does not have to be complicated or difficult.  When decorating your home for the fall, adding little touches here and there are easy and makes a big difference. I decorated a client’s home, Deborah Walker, using a few items she already owned, and incorporated some new fall decor. She already had gorgeous plates with hand painted pumpkins in green and orange.

A square metal tray was the foundation of the centerpiece. A real pumpkin was placed under a glass dome, and leaves were scattered around the glass jars.

You can create a fall vignette on a buffet table using a fall candle-ring, wheat, and a small white mini pumpkin. I tied a fall colored wired ribbon around the wheat. Choosing wired ribbon always helps to make a perfect bow. When creating vignettes, decorating with three items creates just the right look.

For another easy fall centerpiece, you can use a fall wreath.  Deborah had a large square metal tray, so I placed the wreath on top and added a glass candle hurricane with an off-white candle.

This is a happy porch! Pumpkin pillows up against the dark brown wicker furniture is eye-catching. Full and colorful mums accentuate the entire porch decor. Can’t you see yourself sitting here with a cup of coffee while chatting with a friend?

The key to decorating your home for fall, is keeping your fall decor simple and uncluttered.  It is very easy to begin adding too many decor items, I know because I’m quite guilty of doing it! Once you have decorated a specific space, stand back and take a look and see if it is over-cluttered.  

One of my favorite fall decor items is mini pumpkins.  You can line a row of them on your mantel or kitchen window ledge.  Place several mini pumpkins in a bowl on your kitchen table or dining table.  A little fall decor can go a long way. We are all so busy, but take an hour to decorate your home for fall. It helps you to pause a moment, and enjoy this wonderful season.

Christmas Cheer

It is that time of year already!  Time for evergreen garland, sparkling ornaments, colorful bows, and just plain happiness!  This is the time of year when our homes come alive with wonderful holiday smells, lights illuminating every room, and friends and family coming together making memories.

I’m also well aware, that our holiday decorating begins with euphoric exhilaration.  There are “sugar plums” dancing in our heads.  But, by the time we are unpacking the hundredth box, and look around at the explosion of glitter and mess, this task become daunting.  To me, it is like a marathon.  That last mile requires the most strength and effort.  Once finished, it is when we can sit back and bask in the glow of a job well done.

So, I would love to share a few Christmas decorating ideas with you.  Last year, I changed up my Christmas table decorating and went with a black and gold theme.  A round gold mirrored tray sits in the center of the table.   Three glass candle sticks with varying heights and black tapers were placed on the tray.  I found black and gold mini ornaments and tied them onto the candle sticks with gold ribbon.

A pair of gold deer flanked the mirrored tray.  Real greenery was used to nestle around the deer.  

Next, I paired a large gold charger with a smaller black charger.  White plates with gold accents, gold napkin rings and black napkins completed the look.

I love to make place cards.  In keeping with my black and gold theme, black card stock was cut the proper size for place cards.  A gold pen was used to write the guests’ names, and a small gold sprig was hot glued to the corner edge.
Decorating a Christmas tree is my favorite!  While it wreaks havoc on my nails, creating a gorgeous tree that is the focal point of the holiday decorating is a joy.

There are several different secrets I have to making a tree look amazing.  The first is ribbon.  Choosing good ribbon, and wired ribbon is important.  Using wired ribbon helps to shape beautiful bows.  I like pairing two or three different sized ribbons together when creating bows.  Next, is adding sprigs and other elements like pinecones.
 Lastly, is adding Christmas ornaments.  Mixing your special ornaments with plain colored ornaments make a full and brilliant Christmas tree.  You can create a unique look by wiring two or three of the color ornaments together and hang on a single branch.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday.