VIProfile: Lyvonn Reese

When Creative Work Tells Your Story: Home is Where Her Craft Is

For anyone who has followed Murfreesboro businesses over the past three decades, Lyvonn Reese should not be a new name.  Her variety of small and eclectic businesses over the years have provided numerous outlets for her creative interest while also creating a successful franchise in Hot Spot Tanning. 

Lyvonn’s first business in town, a consignment shop open twice a year at the Blackman Community Center, was started as a way for Lyvonn and her friend Rhonda Holmes to increase the use of children’s clothing.  The business idea originated from Lyvonn and Rhonda’s growing children who needed their clothes replaced far more frequently than the budget for new clothing allowed.  After searching around town for a reliable consignment shop and finding little in the way of good quality used clothes, Lyvonn decided to start her own business to address the need.  During those few weeks a year when the shop was open, it was tremendously successful but the supply of clothes was inconsistent.  Eventually, with hectic schedules and growing family demands, Lyvonn decided the consignment shop was no longer a venture she wanted to continue to pursue. 

However, as Lyvonn’s children aged she found she could use her skillset and passion for sewing and embroidering to make outfits for the many sports teams and school clubs in which the kids participated.  Like any good entrepreneur, Lyvonn quickly realized there was a real demand for these products at almost every school and youth sports leagues around Murfreesboro – thus began her first official sewing business, Wish It Sew.

For as long as Lyvonn can remember, she has used sewing as a way to stay close to her best friends and her family.  Lyvonn’s mother, Winona, got her interested in sewing at a very early age, showing her how to make her own clothes and how to patch worn clothing.  It was a way for Winona to pass on her wisdom to Lyvonn, but also served as a continuous bond between mother and daughter.

In keeping with her family tradition, Lyvonn and several of her sewing friends would routinely get together at one another’s houses and pass the time by catching up and creating beautiful quilts for their families and friends.  Since creating a quality quilt is quite time consuming and oftentimes is carried out alone, the group started going on trips around the southeast to places with quality fabric stores and classes on new methods.  They would rent a house and bring all of their supplies for a ladies weekend away.  The group cherished those weekends away and really grew to enjoy the ability to step back from their busy lives to relax with friends and enjoy their passion. 

Seeing no such dedicated escape in Murfreesboro, and with a growing number of tourists visiting Nashville, Lyvonn again decided to tap back into her entrepreneurial spirit and open a crafting retreat space.  Lyvonn’s newest venture, Threads Quilting Retreat, hopes to create that same special relationship between family and friends.  Threads Quilting Retreat provides a casual and intimate space for mothers, daughters, friends, and colleagues to gather to learn how to sew, quilt, and embroider, or craft at any level.  With three bedrooms, full kitchen, outdoor patio, and a sewing enthusiasts dream facility, Lyvonn has managed to create a safe environment for learning and connecting with others who share a similar passion.  The goal of the new venture is to mimic the same environment Lyvonn grew up sewing in, a happy home.  

In today’s busy crazy world, we never truly unwind.  Threads is designed to facilitate just that. It is not a class space or a retail space, it is only a place to bring women together for a night or a week to relax and unwind. Whether you have been sewing for years or just a beginner, you love crafts, vinyl, paper fabric, needle work or just socializing with other women, Threads is the perfect Retreat for you. 
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