It Takes Hands to Build a House, but Only Hearts Make a Home

Jeff Wyatt, J Wyatt Homes

Choosing a new home is of the largest and most important decisions you may ever make in your life. Prospective homeowners should always educate themselves and understand the process of buying versus building a home.  

The first decision you must make is should you buy an existing home on the market, or do you want to go on the journey of building your own custom home?  I chose the word journey, because you will experience the process ofyour home going from a dirt field (or rock in some locations in Middle Tennessee) into a house that you personally designed.

If you choose an existing home, most homeowners know when they walk through the front door if that home is meant for them. Your only major decision is if the home meets your budget.  This option is great for homeowners that need something quick or do not want to take on the responsibility of building a new home.  I’ve had homeowners buy my spec homes that love it just as much as if they designed it themselves.

However, if you decide to build your own custom home, that will be the first decision of many, so you must be prepared!  Building your home should be a fun and educational experience for all, and selecting the right builder for you can be your most important decision.  The relationship between you and your builder will turn into one of the closest relationships you will make.  You have to be able to communicate and work together throughout the project.   Luckily, Middle Tennessee is fortunate to have many great builders. Each builder has his or her own style and personality, and it is your job to see with which one you feel most comfortable.  

Once you have named your builder, knowing your budget and finalizing a plan is the next step.  You will work one-on-one with the company to personalize every item that goes into your home.  Your builder will discuss budgets and inform you how much your choices cost.  This is usually the time where you start ranking your options and deciding what you want and does it fit your budget.  You will make hundreds of trips to the box stores and showrooms during this time.  Pinterest and Houzz will be your new obsessions.  Most of my homeowners have 3-ring binders full of selections which helps them decide what they want in their new home.  

Over the next few months you will get to see those selections turn into a wonderful new home for family and friends to enjoy.  You get to see the rooms of your home framed with excitement, while at the same time, question if you made the right decisions.  You’ll meet with the plumber, HVAC technician, and electricians to pinpoint where you want every toilet, vent, or light.  After you drive through every neighborhood in town, you will find a brick color, stone, and soffit color you like.  These are very important decisions.  Who knows, maybe you’ll have the house everyone uses as their motivation.  The masons will then start laying brick, and the drywall guys will turn those studs into solid walls.  You will start seeing all the raw materials come together to complete your new home.   

The outside is looking great, are you ready for the inside?  Now remains the trim, paint, and flooring to decide.  Most showrooms have the different types of trim and doors you can put in your home.  There will be many options in style, and you will know which one is for you.  When it comes to paint, look at your current furniture and all your new selections to make your decisions.  This may be the hardest part of the build.  Your builder or a decorator may be of huge help to select the colors of your home.   You and the builder will also look at all the options of flooring that coordinate with your color selections during this time.  

Every day, there will be new decisions that have to be made, and there will be good days and bad.  However, after all the parts come together and the dust settles (a bunch of dust), your new home that fits you perfectly will be ready to make lots of memories.  Memories will be made... fingerprints, wine stains, hardwood scratches, and wear and tear are certainties.  Just step back and know that you have created the masterpiece for your family to enjoy for years to come.