On The Move: City Auto

City Auto is pleased to be growing in Murfreesboro and expanding its ability to serve the community.

You may have noticed the work taking place on Bridge Avenue along the East side of the dealership.  What began as a completely undeveloped property is now transforming into new retail space. The additional area brings the dealership up to a total of 10 acres of lot space and over $6 million in vehicle inventory all with an eye to making it an attractive shopping destination.

With newly completed lighting and landscaping, you will soon begin to see a wide selection of additional inventory arriving daily. Look for the dealership to consistently maintain more than 600 pre-owned vehicles in stock. In addition to more inventory, the expansion has also enabled the dealership to add jobs to the City Auto team – adding 15 new positions, two of which are supervisory roles as team leaders.

Now heading into its fifth year in Murfreesboro, City Auto has been embraced by the community just as it has embraced Rutherford County and Middle Tennessee. You may have noticed something different about the dealership, and it is not just the cars or trucks: it is a sense of corporate citizenship that puts people and community first.

City Auto is in business to sell cars, but the company operates from a set of core values that honors a sense of responsibility not only to excellence in service, but also exemplarily leadership in civic engagement.  Murfreesboro General Manager, Matt Millican, said, “We are a customer service company, and we just happen to sell cars. We are committed to our customers and the community as a whole. My family is here, and we are going to see each other at ball games and in the grocery store, and we want to make sure we have done things right when we see you again. And giving back, well that is just the right thing to do.”

City Auto
1023 Bridge Ave. Murfreesboro, TN
(615) 713-4900