Kathleen & Braden

Photography by Adam B. Elrod Photography

After a special September surprise proposal in Kathleen’s parent’s backyard surrounded by family and friends, Kathleen Elrod married Braden Hunsicker the following October 3rd at 5:30pm at the Copper Ridge Event Venue in Murfreesboro. The original plan was to get married at the same site as the engagement and have the reception at Copper Ridge, but on that day, it was raining and freezing cold. Thankfully, they were able to move their entire ceremony into the barn without a problem, thanks to the gracious open arms of David and Sherry Lynn, owners of Copper Ridge and also Murfreesboro Flower Shop.  They know all too well about best laid plans being changed, specifically when speaking about their new event venue, Copper Ridge.  

The barn, now known as Copper Ridge, was initially under construction in October of 2014 as a horse barn, to fulfill the desire of the Lynn’s to board more horses. Much like the plans of Kathleen and Braden, that idea was changed.  A friend stopped by to check on the progress, asked if it was possible for his son to marry there before they moved the horses in, they agreed to help the friend out, and the rest is history.  50 more brides requested the venue, to whom they replied no before realizing this was an obvious need, so the construction plan changed, and the beautiful barn, adorned with a copper roof, is now home to two bridal suites, a groom’s suite, a full kitchen, bar, and room for up to three hundred guests.  The Lynn’s have found a new love for hosting, especially for non-profit associations where they have the ability to donate the venue in an effort to give back to a community that has supported them for so long.

In terms of the vision of the wedding, Kathleen, daughter of Darryl and Linda Elrod of Murfreesboro and Kenneth, son of Ken and Regina Hunsicker of Smyrna, wanted the ceremony to reflect their style, which is simply, simple. She didn’t want the stress or the complications that many weddings come with, so the majority of the decorations were flowers (from Murfreesboro Flower Shop), candles, and homemade items. The colors ended up being deep blues, reds and purples with the bridesmaids wearing short, dark purple dresses. Kathleen told them they could do their hair how they liked, wear what jewelry they liked, and wear whatever brown boots and blue jean jacket they liked (remember rainy and cold). They boys were in simple black vest and pants, white shirt, and dark purple polka dot ties.

The most memorable (funny) moment of the night was the garter toss. When her brother (the photographer) came to Kathleen and told her that it was time for that, she realized that she didn’t have her garter on, nor did she know where it was (her reaction to all of this was captured on video - pure panic)! Luckily, Kathleen’s mother had thrown it in her purse which was in the bridal room.

Kathleen had always hoped to wear her mother’s wedding dress, but she didn’t express this to her until they got engaged. Thankfully, even without preserving it or even hanging it up, her dress was in perfect condition 35 years later. Because the dress was from the 80’s, she decided to find someone that would be able to redo it to her taste - simple. Kathleen and her mom found someone in town that was able to do just that, and over several months, they designed and perfected her mother’s dress into her wedding dress.

Her something old was a broach from each of her grandmothers (at the time, one had passed, and the other was still living, but is passed now). Kathleen’s something borrowed was her mother’s dress, and something blue was her garter (which was also her mother’s).

The reception was held in the barn in the same location as the ceremony. While the couple was taking quick pictures after the ceremony, the groomsmen moved the tables and chairs to set up for the reception. It all moved seamlessly and quickly. The wedding cake was a two tiered, white cake with a Mr. & Mrs. wire cake topping, along with a few flowers. The grooms cake was a fiddle (Braden plays fiddle). For entertainment, they had all the traditional things - bouquet toss, garter toss, first dance, father/daughter dance - but they also played a game where Braden and Kathleen sat back to back, and he held one of her shoes and one of his, and she did as well. They were asked questions about their relationship and who would do what in different situations, and if they thought the answer was Braden, they held up his shoe. If the answer was Kathleen, they held up her shoe.

The song they danced to was “The Lovers’ Waltz”, a fiddle song, written by Jay Unger. Braden played this for her many years ago when they first started dating, and she loved it. For the wedding, Braden, who plays fiddle, got his grandfather who plays guitar and Matt McGee who plays bass, and they together recorded this song for Kathleen.

Braden and Kathleen have happily kept their roots in Murfreesboro, where she is a site director for Murfreesboro City Schools extended school program and he is a product approval technician for Schwan Cosmetics.