Moving Towards a Healthier You

By Lee Rennick

Want to get healthier? Then start moving. Yep, that is the best way to get a more physically fit body, and a more focused mind. There is no better place to get moving than Rutherford County. A plethora of businesses and organizations offer opportunity to find healthy activities that you and your family will enjoy.

Harvard Health Publications, produced by Harvard Medical School, states, “One key strategy [to improve health] is regular, moderately intense exercise. It helps maintain healthy blood pressure and weight, improves energy, lifts mood, lowers stress and anxiety, and keeps the heart healthy... But exercise also stimulates brain regions … so they work better.”

From aerobic exercise to Zumba, there is a place in Murfreesboro where you can find a community of like- minded and supportive individuals to share your journey to a new, fitter lifestyle. Or to keep you on the path to health that you are already on.

“As a general goal,” the Mayo Clinic website says to, “aim for at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day… You can achieve more health benefits, including increased weight loss, if you ramp up your exercise to 300 minutes a week [or five hours].”

Here is a list of some of the fitness choices offered in and around Murfreesboro, along with websites where you can go to get more information about these businesses, organizations, and individuals offering to help you get moving.

General Fitness

Whether you are a pro at working out, or new to the use of strength and aerobic exercises and training machines, there is a gym and/or a personal trainer to help you on your way. Some of the gyms are national chains that offer the convenience of using their facilities in other areas, like when you are on vacation or on a business trip to keep you training while you are away from home.

Blueprint Fitness:
Planet Fitness:
Strength Performance Network:
Xercise, Inc.:
Tri-Fit Personal Training at the MAC:

Boxing and Kick-Boxing

Boxing workouts include shadow boxing, hitting a heavy bag, and sparring with a partner. It helps with cardio, strength, eye-hand coordination, decreases stress, and improves body composition. Kick-boxing is a full body form of conditioning that builds endurance and strength. 9 Round has turned boxing and kickboxing into a high impact 30-minute workout for those with a busy life and little time to go to the gym.

9 Round:
Ultimate Fitness Kick Boxing:
Bill Taylor’s Bushido School:


While it seems like nothing but fun, biking is great exercise. Instead of riding a stationary bike at the gym, young and old alike are getting out of the house and onto area bike trails. According to the website People for Bikes, 22% of the increase in adult biking nationally is coming from those between the ages of 60 and 79!

Murfreesboro Bike Club has seen the same trends in recent years, not only has there been an increase in membership, but they too have seen the age of riders increase. The age of their average rider is 55 to 57.

Murfreesboro Bike Club offers group rides, and classes for beginning bikers. They suggest starting on the Greenway or Stones River Battlefield, before taking off on one of their club rides to Rockvale, Christiana, or Bell Buckle. To learn more about the club and how to get involved, go to


While Crossfit is a form of general exercise, it requires its own category because it is going to take you to the next level. It is the boot camp of exercise. Crossfit will push you beyond your limits, or what you thought were your limits. But proponents swear by the process and the results. It is, they say, addictive because it makes you feel so good. This style of training was created in 2000, and has really taken off. It combines weight lifting, calisthenics, gymnastics, and much more for an intense routine. It becomes a lifestyle for many participants.

Crossfit Murfreesboro:
CrossFit Rutherford:
CrossFit Rampage:


If you have watched any of the hot dance shows on television, be it Dancing with the Stars or the latest, World of Dance, you can see that dance is quite a workout. It is a great way to have fun, get aerobic exercise, and tone. Local dance class opportunities run the gambit from ballroom, to ballet, to hip hop, to belly dancing. Pure Barre uses non-impact dance conditioning to create their workout. Here are a few listings to get you started.

Pure Barre:
National Dance Clubs of Murfreesboro:
The Bohemian Sanctuary:

The most comprehensive list of local dance studios can be found at Their community links page lists all of the local studios and provides direct links to each of their webpages. Many of these studios offer ballet, tap, and hip hop classes for adults.


 Pilates is a fitness system using specially designed equipment to build strength, increase flexibility, develop control of the body, and it grows endurance. It has been known to help some with balance issues in senior adults, although it is not recognized as a medical therapy. Like yoga, one of the exercise forms from which it was derived, it puts emphasis on core muscle building, balance, breath control, and alignment. The intensity of the exercise is increased as the body develops muscle and stamina.

Shae Bryant Wellness:
Designer Wellness Studio/ Colby Schaub:

Running Walking

Running and walking are probably the oldest forms of exercise known to man. Walking has a number of health benefits, including maintenance of a healthy weight, prevention of disease, strengthening of bones and muscles, improved balance and coordination, lowering stress, and lifts mood. Running has all of the benefits of walking, as well as helping to lower the risk of getting breast cancer.

If you are a runner or a walker, but prefer to walk with others, check out Murfreesboro Running Meetups and Murfreesboro Walking Meetups. Both offer websites and aps that offer a calendar of group events to walk or run. Some events are free, others have a fee attached.

Another place to learn about running and walking events is They list upcoming races taking place near the ‘Boro.

If you are interested in learning how to prepare for your first running race, Fleet Feet Sports offers a 12-week program.


Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise around. A steady swim can burn up as much as 500 calories an hour, and a vigorous swim can chew up over 700 calories. It is a resistance workout of your entire body that builds up muscle, but without the strain on your joints created by other forms of exercise. Here are a few places you can get your swim on.

Beyond Aquatics:
Patterson Park:


There are several yoga studios in Murfreesboro. While many people think of yoga as just sitting there, or tying yourself into knots, it is indeed a great workout. But it is important to make sure that your class is taught by a certified teacher, because like with any exercise, doing an asana incorrectly can do damage. One way to see if you like yoga is to catch one of the free classes open to the public at The Avenue Murfreesboro. There are opportunities on August 17 and September 2. Bring a mat, water, and a towel.

Arden Yoga and Wellness:
NAT Yoga and Meditation:


Like many forms of exercise noted above, Zumba is a hybrid of aerobic exercise and dance. It was created in Cali, Columbia in South America. Classes are taught to music with a definite tropical zing to get your hips swinging and your booty shaking. I guess you could call it very intense line dancing to a Salsa beat.

Murfreesboro Athletic Club:
Anytime Fitness:
Gold’s Gym:
SoZo Dance Academy:
YMCA North Rutherford:

Just Get Started Moving

According to Alliance for a Healthier Generation, “Less than 60% of adults are physically active on a regular basis, 25% aren’t active at all.” Here in the Boro, it is easy to become a member of the healthier generation, no matter your age.

This listing is a small sampling of the many fitness activities available in Murfreesboro and Rutherford County, but we hope it will help you start the process of finding the best fit for your body, mind, and spirit.